Tuesday, 6 September 2011

why am I awake??

all 3 kids are sleeping, the husband is sleeping (and snoring the house down!) and even my mum is sleeping - yes she's staying over - and yet I'm online. I should be paying bills, I should be responding to long ignored emails, I should be organising catch-ups with friends, I should be sending photos to family in the UK who are online but (gasp!) not online enough to see facebook and the millions of photos I post on there.... but what am I doing? Researching nursery themes, looking at clothes for kids - who need nothing! Looking at shoes for Missy Moo who is not only walking but running and all of a sudden needs 'real' shoes. I should be looking for new summer shoes for me, or perhaps new bras as after 3 babies in 3 years its time for new (non maternity - yay!!) bras. Really I should be sleeping. Why and when did the online world get so addictive? Night after night I log on to do responsible things, ie pay bills, send emails, send photos, groceries online - you get the picture... and night after night I am distracted by pretty things such as facebook, stalking (I mean looking at) people's profiles and seeing photos of their beautiful kids and birthday parties and cooking - wishing I could be like them when I grow up, hahaha. Online forums get my attention over domestic chores. Distracted by emails with new season clothing, new products, sales and % off this and that.... meanwhile the bills are ignored, as are the emails and the photos, well if you can't get on facebook then I guess you're just gonna have to wait!... I'm off to check out spring/summer fashions for my one year old daughter. Actually maybe I should be planning for xmas, it's only 4 mths away afterall. And then there's pinterest which I've been invited to join and am now slightly addicted to. Years ago I would have laughed to think I'd spend this much time online, and now, well now I'm an addict.

sleep can wait . . .


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