Friday, 23 March 2012

3x3 slept through - miracles DO happen!

oh happy days! all of my monkeys slept through the night. This is the 3rd time Little Miss has slept through in her 7 mths.... not so unusual for Monkey Man and Missy Moo who generally sleep through these days but to have all 3 sleep through at once? simply amazing. Shame my hubby had to go to work and thus woke me up as I reckon I could have slept all day.... I never knew sleep would be such a focal point of motherhood. You spend the first year or so wondering why they wont sleep when you want them to, why they need so much help learning to sleep, going to sleep and staying asleep. You have to get them to sleep in a cot rather than a bassinette, a bed rather than a cot, a cot rather than the pram or car seat,  any bed other than yours! How long they sleep for, where they sleep, when they sleep... it becomes an obsession. And yet you have the least amount of sleep you've ever had. The kids are sleeping soundly, thus so should you but instead you're tidying up, setting up for the next day, having some adult time, getting waxed, plucked, dyed, blow dried as its the only time you have child free... sigh, and just when you're sleeping soundly your crack-of-dawn-waking-children ruin your dream about George Clooney with a deafening scream, you stumble out of bed with horrible but grey-free bed hair and curse yourself for staying up til 1am blogging, facebooking and pinning on pinterest, swearing you will go to bed earlier tonight. But you don't. Or is it just me??


  1. Oh YAY! How fabulous! You'll feel like a new woman!

    And it's not just you. I'm an owl who loves her night time and NOT her morning. So the 5am starts are expected, but I still dont go to bed at 9pm like I should. :/

    And George Clooney? - stop dreaming about him! He's been missing from my dreams of late and have been wondering where he's been. I'd like him back thanks! Mwah!

    (Love, love LOVE the new blog look!)

    1. Glad to know its not just me Marnie, I should go to bed I really should but I just need some alone time.
      No way, I'm not giving George back! Ok, you can have him and I'll just keep Michael Buble. Wouldn't want to be selfish...
      I'm loving my new blog too, Katrina aka The Media Maid is a legend!!


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