Monday, 19 March 2012

Wiggle Mania

My Missy Moo is obsessed with The Wiggles.... She wakes up asking for them, she asks for more before the end credits have even started, anything she sees in yellow, red, blue or purple is obviously from The Wiggles and she throws a mega tanty if she can't have every Wiggles product in the shopping centre (which is often as there is alot). She can't say Wiggles properly so instead we get 'giggles' but we all know what it means. We've watched the many DVDs so many times that I'm pretty sure I know every song word for word. Missy Moo LOVES to dance to certain songs, Move Your Arms Like Henry is a favourite as is Rock-A-Bye Your Bear which isnt complete without lots of 'sshhh shhh shhh' and the associated finger over the mouth. It's really cute to watch, she shakes her hips like no child I've seen before. According to Missy Moo 'giggles' is the number one choice and she never seems to tire of it unlike the rest of us who are all pretty tired of those skivvys. As soon as her chants for 'giggles' start, Monkey Man counters with 'nooooo wiggles, ENOUGH wiggles!' and so the argument starts, and continues until one or both end up in tears and the bloody DVD ends up on nine times out of ten anyway.

We have a few DVDs but she likes the same two all the time, we have 'giggles' in the car DVD player and in the stereo so its wiggles, wiggles, wiggles everywhere we go. Her favourite biscuits are wiggles branded and she often 'needs' a wiggles band-aid despite there being nothing visibly wrong. The wiggles guitar and tea set we have, both gifts, are way up there in Missy Moo's eyes as favourite toys and are played with often and daily. Dorothy the Dinosaur is coming to an RSL club near us soon and I have to take Missy Moo along. I reckon she will love it, she will freak out but she will also wonder where the 'giggles' are? I've not taken either of the kids to see The Wiggles in concert as I didn't think they would appreciate it nor have the attention span for it yet. I planned to do a concert this year and then the whole Sam-Greg thing happened, and well I didn't like the way it was handled. I don't really want to spend money and support a group that treated someone so badly, so I have dug my heels in and not done so, yet. But now my daughter is obsessed, I fear I may have to part with some cash for concert tickets one day soon. Bugger! I would have much preferred to see Sam in concert but my 2 and 1 year olds couldn't care less as long as there is a yellow wiggle and I reluctantly admit thats all that matters. I reckon I'm not the only Mum who would prefer Sam.

So Missy Moo loves The Wiggles, Monkey Man loves Thomas and Buzz and of course Lightning McQueen. I wonder what Little Miss will be into? Will we have to endure another year or more of the current faves or will there be a new kid in town? Only time will tell...


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