Sunday, 11 March 2012

out with the old, in with the new

It's March which means its autumn and the seasons are slowly changing. Due to my 3 monkeys waking so early I can tell you it's darker for longer in the mornings. It's darker earlier in the afternoon/evening. We're 11 days into autumn and we've already had a couple of nights wearing warm PJs and even worse a couple of 4.30am wake-ups which can only be from being cold. Oh how I hate those wake-ups??? Summer was hardly hot here, mostly rain and horrible humidity, it was like living in the tropics. If summer was so crap what will the other seasons, specifically winter bring? Bring it on I say. I love winter, I love blankets and heaters and warm cosy clothes, comfort food in the slow cooker, home baked treats and cuddling up with my little people to watch Cars or Toy Story for the bazillionth time. I've been buying warmer clothes for my kids over the last couple of months, stashing things away like a pack rat and apart from a few things left to get for Monkey Man, they're all set. I'm excited about the little boots and tights and dress combinations I have ready for Missy Moo... Yes I'm a bit sad like that, don't judge me. Is it me living vicariously through my 19mo?? Possibly. Little girls clothes are so cute and many things you wish came in mummy size! Little Miss will have hand me downs, but don't feel bad for her... most is good quality and anything Missy Moo trashed I threw out. I'm a bit excited to see some of those clothes again but I can admit I have bought Little Miss a few new bits of her own, I'm a sucker like that. Did she need them? no, did she (I) want them? yes. With exactly 12m between the girls there is really no need for me to buy Little Miss anything new but I did! I certainly can't complain about getting value for money on my girls clothes.

For me, well this will be my first autumn and winter not being pregnant in over 3 years!! And at the rate I'm going I'll be the lightest I have been in quite a few years more than that so anything I already have and would have considered wearing will be a bit on the big side. When considering new purchases I'm have to remind myself that I am a stay at home mum though so no need to go too fancy. Heeled boots? Probably not necessary. I have to admit to being just a tad excited over buying and wearing new clothes this year. A couple of pairs of new shoes, a pair of new jeans and a few tops and cardies should get me through. Is it superficial to be excited about new clothes? Possibly but I don't care! 3 years in the same clobber has earnt me the right to be a teeny bit excited. Today I'm hoping to do a bit of a clean out and rid my wardrobe of clothes that are too big, too trashed, too maternity, too young (remember I'm getting old) etc etc. I no doubt will uncover clothes I bought and never wore, clothes I won't ever wear as they will be too big and clothes I forgot I even had. Its autumn but I need to spring clean! And its time to embrace the wardrobe of a stay at home mum, comfy, clean, simple, wash n wear clothes that will see me through play-dough, tent and train adventures. I could be left with nothing in my wardrobe at all!

Speaking of all things new, Monkey Man got his first proper (brand name) trainers yesterday and Missy Moo her first pair of boots. I hunted high and low for 'cute' toddler boots as alot are very tarty, in my opinion. She's not even two yet do she's got plenty of time to wear knee high boots. And Little Miss? She cut her second tooth today nawwwww. It's all about the new stuff here today!!


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