Saturday, 24 March 2012

its all about me - update #2

It's been a while since I did an update on me and how I'm going so here goes:

Mentally I've decided I need more. I love and adore my kids but am feeling I need more than being a full time Stay At Home Mum. I admire women that can do this 24/7, they really don't get enough credit for doing the hardest job in the world. Being a part time working mum might not work for me but I've decided to try it and see how it goes. Now to find a job - first interview in 6 years is taking place on Monday! eek!!

Emotionally I'm up and down. We've had a couple of deaths in the family this last few weeks which are always sad. Of course I am sad for the loss of loved ones but believe my role in all of this is to support those grieving. My Mum is a bit of a wreck right now so I think I'm meant to be holding her hand. A good friend lost her beloved grandma and is just devastated, and I'm too far away to hold her hand but am trying to virtually help her in any way I can. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you have a whinge. On the flip side, in the whole circle of life spirit, a few friends and family members have announced pregnancies, a friend is due to have her first baby in a few weeks and Tori Spelling announced her 4th pregnancy, only 5 months since her 3rd was born. I'm copping lots of crap from friends about how she wants to be me! hahahaha For the record I love Tori and am so happy for her. If she's announced at 3 months, which she normally does, then there will be about 11 months between Hattie and her new bub so there is fun times ahead for Tori and her family. Its babies babies everywhere I look. And for the record, I'm thrilled for others and pleased it's not me *wink*.

Physically I've lost nearly 18kg since the beginning of February and am feeling good. I lost another 10kg after having my Little Miss but seeing she was 4kg I didn't exactly have to do much to drop that first 10kg. I'm still not seeing it when I look at myself but can feel and see it in my clothes. I'm comfortably wearing jeans 2 sizes smaller than I was a year ago, and tops 3-4 sizes smaller which is just phenomenal. I can't remember the last time I wore these sizes and I gotta tell you, it feels good. Inspired by my good friend Marnie who shared a before and after pic on her blog today, I thought I would do the same. The before pic on the left was nearly 2 months ago, and 18kg ago.... Can you see the difference?

Photobucket xx


  1. Absolutely! You're looking fabulous I tell you. Your face is so much thinner. :)

  2. O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your face! Your boobs! Even your goddamn knees! Holy crap woman, 18kgs is Fan-fecking-tabulous! You are beyond awesome!

    Congrats honey! Whatever you're doing? Keep it up! xxx

    (And Tori just wants what you have! Loving chaos!)

  3. Totally! You look smaller all over and tighter! Well done and all the best for the job interview xo


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