Monday, 26 March 2012

Moves Like Jagger

Oh yeah, my kids can dance. They definitely have the moves like jagger! This afternoon while I sat on the deck with the laptop trying to research daycare centres, my kids decided to have a dance session. Monkey Man demanded music from the laptop and as soon as the song started, they were off! Those moves are so cute! There is no rhythm whatsoever but boy can they go go go! Missy Moo loves dancing and I can see us starting dance lessons when she gets older. Will I become a 'dance' mum?? Gawd I hope not.

Why was I researching daycare centres? Well I had an interview this morning and I am very pleased with how it went, however it did cement one thing for me and thats that I do want to go back to work. It was my first interview and who knows what the outcome will be. Apparantly the 4 people that were interviewed will be notified on Wednesday if/who are progressing to the second round of interviews. 165 people applied for this job - appears part time work is in high demand? - and only 4 were interviewed so I feel pretty special to be one of those 4. The premises and the people were lovely and I'd be more than happy to work there - cross your fingers for me please! I haven't gotten the job yet, or any job for that matter but I figured it wouldn't hurt to make some calls to daycare centres. I had a suspicion it wouldn't be easy to get 3 kids into the same centre on the same days, and my suspicion was confirmed when after 25 phone calls I was told for a 25th time that 'they were full'. We're on a few waiting lists so please cross your fingers that by the time I go back to work that the stars align and we get daycare places at the same time.

After using my brain for a change I am exhausted so I'm gonna try and have an early night tonight. Not sure I can remember the last time I went to bed before midnight??

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