Friday, 23 March 2012

those damn shopping centre rides

Next time you hear a screaming child in a shopping centre, I promise you there is a high chance the cause of those screams is one of those damn coin operated rides. They are kryptonite to parents!

My kids love them, especially the Thomas shaped ones. Fcuk! Many many meltdowns happen during my day due to those freaking rides! If the time permits, or the tantrum is big enough (dont judge me), or they ask nicely enough (nawww) then I let them sit on the rides. Until yesterday Missy Moo never knew the rides moved. I really believe she thought you sat and climbed on them and that was it. Monkey Man has been on a few moving rides but seems content to sit and climb on them rather than insisting we put the money in. I was happy enough about this as when I was a child there were stories about kids being electrocuted on those damn rides, and those are the stories that stay with you.

Yesterday I took them to the Drs to double check they were daycare approved, and the snot river was nothing more than colds. All was ok, daycare was a go the next day so off to coles we went for breadrolls and mayo. We slowly walked into the shops, Monkey Man stopping to touch everything on the ground, to touch every poster and sign, Missy Moo dawdling along and staring up at everyone she passed. When we get to the supermarket there is of course no double toddler trolley in sight, so I asked for one. While a polite but spotty 12 year old went off to find one for us I wondered how I was meant to keep these kids entertained and for how long. Monkey Man promptly started 'just looking' at the flower arrangements, with his grubby fingers. I asked him a few times to stop touching, to look with his eys and was of course ignored. Missy Moo decided she was going to work and started heading behind the service desk. With a child going in each direction I started to feel very overwhelmed. Panic was setting in. I spotted a giant blue saviour, a Thomas ride just outside the door. 'Look kids, its Thomas!' I heard the words fall out of my mouth before I had really thought it through. How would I get them off the ride without double meltdowns?? sigh

The joy on their faces when the coin dropped in, the lights and sounds came on and Thomas started moving, that joy was seriously worth the tantrums about to go down.

Best $2 I spent in ages. Our trolley arrived, the ride ended, tantrums ensued but rest assured, calm was restored by a couple of chocolate milks... How I love the silence bought by chocolate milk, how I love the double trolleys. Where do I get a triple?


ps apologies for dodgy iphone photos


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