Saturday, 31 March 2012

Toddler Free Friday

Today was Toddler Free Friday (TFF). The one day of the week where it's just Little Miss and I. Like every TFF I had a rest day, I got my hair and nails done, a massage and a few sneaky cocktails. I window shopped, dreaming of the things I will buy when I'm rich.... All the stay at home mums are nodding along right now. NOT!!! I wish my TFF was anything like this. No, my Friday is the one day of my week I have to achieve what feels like a million things in a few short hours. Today I had all 3 monkeys dressed and out of the house at 7.30am. A huge achievement, trust me. I dropped the toddlers at daycare admittedly with no breakfast (a banana can't really be considered breakfast can it?) but they refused at home and I can't force them nor did I have time to try. No worries though, they were both all over the communal toast platter like a plague of locusts, within seconds. Thankgod for daycare, I mean seriously. I don't normally drop them at daycare that early so the breakfast platters were new to me but they definitely eased my mummy guilt. I then headed off to the dentist, which Monkey Man really wanted to come to. Trust me son, once you've been once I doubt you'll be screaming to go to the dentist.

I've been having some pain in a tooth so needed it checked, and as far as appointments go it was 8 this morning or mid next week with 3 under 3 in tow. For the safety and well being of everyone concerned, 8am today was the only choice. Thankfully no fillings needed, a good clean, a telling off for leaving it two years between visits (I was busy having babies!!) and I was out the door.

Little Miss and I had a cafe breakfast in a cleverly gained, free hour - I did groceries online last night for this reason, or in case I had to have 55 million fillings and got stuck at the dentist. Little Miss was clearly a fan of raisin toast with it and porridge stuck all over get face. She made her presence known by dropping toast everywhere and shrieking but meh, who cares!

I had a hot chocolate and just enjoyed sitting for a bit as I suspected it would be the last chance I got to do either all day. And I was right.

After the dentist and breakfast I rushed home to put Little Miss to bed. A friend sat with her as I had a funeral to go to during morning sleep time. A cranky Little Miss is not nice to be around so its important she gets that first sleep. I changed, applied some face, showed my friend where everything was and raced out the door. I got there a few minutes late but I made it. The funeral was a lovely service, as funerals go, goodbyes were said and tears were shed. I hate seeing loved ones cry and I think I find that the most upsetting, as opposed to being sad about the loved one dying - depending on the circumstances of course. During the service I went hunting in my Mary Poppins type handbag for a tissue and a compact to check my face and reapply of course. I found a tissue and $100 cash I stashed how long ago?? Woohoo!! result! Who cares what the face looks like when I've got cash in my pocket! I raced home again to collect Little Miss and relieve my friend, allowing her to actually enjoy some of her day off and raced back to the wake, or after party or whatever you call the 'refreshments after the service'. Made it back and nearly everyone was gone. Ok. How long was I gone? Anyway, stayed for a a while then hobbled back to the car with blisters on my feet growing by the second. I suggested to Mum we get back to somewhere near home and go for a coffee. I had to collect the toddlers in an hour and a half so wanted to be closer to home just in case.

Once Mum and I had finished our drinks I hobbled back to the car - why oh why didn't I take spare shoes - and headed off to collect my monkeys. I got the call I've been waiting since Wednesday for, I didn't get the job. All good feedback but apparantly I am over qualified and the second round interviews have been granted to two ladies 'much junior' to me and they believe 'I will be bored in the role'. I'm disappointed re the location and the company but the actual job not so much. I wanted it, but then wasn't upset when I didn't get it which says to me its not THE job. Not to worry though, something will come up. There is no rush as I can now get the kids into the daycare I want rather than just taking whatever I could get, and I can find THE job.

I collected my two very tired, filthy dirty, monkeys from a long day at daycare. Missy Moo was so tired she cried when she saw me and wanted lots of 'cuddles'. Monkey Man had a great day and was so SO proud to tell me he did his first wee on the toilet today!! Woot!! Go little dude! He talked about it all afternoon and was busting to tell Daddy when he got home and asked me if he could ring Nanny and tell her. God love him. Missy Moo carried on for a few hours after she went to bed, crying, screaming to get up, which she does pretty much every Friday. I think she just gets herself so tired that she's beyond overtired, she's hysterical. Online shopping delivered my groceries an hour or so after the kids went to bed and hubby watched the football while I caught up on the interweb. Friday evenings are always eventful here!

Toddler Free Fridays are exhausting and stressful at times but so necessary for us. My monkeys need a break from me as much as I need one from them and they love love LOVE daycare. The centre they go to is warm and friendly and all the staff, regardless of which room they work in, know all the kids names and little things about them. They're just lovely. Little Miss is on a waiting list for a Friday place and then, perhaps when I am completely child free on a Friday (provided I'm not working of course) then I will go get my hair and nails done after a massage and with a cocktail in hand - of couse! Until then, we soldier on.


  1. Isn't it amazing how enjoyable a humble hot chocolate can become?!

    1. oh yes, a humble hot chocolate or a trip to the loo by myself are really all I need to be happy these days! LOL

  2. Hi Liza, I have just wondered over from Katrina's blog. Love your blog and would love to follow you on your journey with your 3 beautiful monkeys! Enjoy the weekend. Bec

    1. Hey Bec, thanks for stopping by... Katrina is awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog and appreciate the time you took to tell me so, thankyou so much xx


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