Saturday, 17 March 2012

mumma's boy is growing up

My biggest baby, my first born, Monkey Man is currently sound asleep in bed. Nothing unusual there as he generally sleeps 7-7 every night. Tonight though, he's in his 'big boy bed'.... we took the sides off his cot this afternoon as we decided it was time. He's not trying to climb out, he's not too big for the cot and to be honest he seems very attached to his cot. I don't know if this is due to having two siblings who are also babies, that they're all so close in age or if he just loves his cot but whatever the reason he loves the cot!

About 10 months ago, a few months before Little Miss was born we attempted to move Monkey Man to a bed. We bought him a king single ensemble with trundle bed, he helped choose it, some car sheets and we thought he was all excited about moving to a big bed, and we'd save ourselves the hassle of buying a 3rd cot. He was excited and climbed up onto the bed, everything seemed well. Night one went really well, he went to sleep happily and with no fuss. He slept through, falling out only once and we simply put him back into bed and back to sleep he went, to be honest I don't think he actually woke up. Both hubby and I patted ourselves on the back in the morning and said how easy it was. Well that was definitely the calm before the storm or we jinxed ourselves. The next night he woke up about 4am, screaming like he was being murdered. Nothing calmed him down, and I think from memory hubby got into bed with him for his last few hours of sleep. Ok, so that was bad but from there each night got worse, with him waking earlier each night and screaming for hours upon hours, a vicous scream too. Nothing we did calmed him down, we took turns getting into bed with him, we took turns bringing him into our bed (yes I know these are all bad!) but desperation and sleep deprivation do strange things to you, and I was fairly pregnant too which didn't help things. After about ten nights I rang Trescillian for advice, we were desperate. I had a very 'helpful' lady ask me why we moved him, how old he was, had he climbed out of the cot, was he too big for the cot, etc etc. I answered her questions, I was honest and told her we moved him to try and avoid buying a (3rd) cot, and we wanted to see if he was ready. I mean how else do you know unless you try? If a child is not able to communicate clearly and explain they want to sleep in a big bed, how do you know? I felt pretty guilty at this point, and sad, and angry that I was being lectured when I was calling for help. My little boy had been sleeping 7-7 without exception and we broke him. Her advice was to put him back in the cot and hope for the best. Word for word. Ok, was hoping for more but ok, we'll go with that... So we did, we put him back in the cot. We had 3 nights of crying wake-ups but nothing like the murderous screams of the previous nights and once that settled down we have not looked back.

So here we are today, ten months later and Monkey Man is 2 and a half. Again there is no reason to move him but both hubby and I feel its time to try again. So we've talked to him over the last few days about how he's a big boy and how its time to go into a big bed. We're not brave enough to try the proper bed yet so that will stay in the spare room for the time being. Today, the sides of the cot came off. When we went upstairs for a bath he went into his room and spotted the change straight away. The excitement and sheer joy on his face was priceless. I wish we'd had a camera handy as it would have made a great photo. He told us his new bed was 'very nice' and 'very great' hahaha. After his bath he wanted to go straight to bed which he never wants to do. We heard him walking/running around in his room a bit once we came downstairs but it didn't last long and he's now sound asleep. We will check on him when we go to bed and I'm expecting to see his bed full of toys that he retrieved from his wardrobe but hey, he's asleep, for now. I'm not getting excited yet though as last time well, that didn't go so well. Cross your fingers for us that this could be the time. I know I'm gonna get the shock of my life the first time he appears at our bed but they can't stay babies forever right? Thankfully he can't open his bedroom door yet so it will be a while before his little face appears in mine at 5am telling me its time for 'downstairs'. Until then I'll pretend he's in his cot sleeping like a baby, my baby.

ETA: Night 3 and all is well. 2 nights so far of 7-7 without a peep, and so far tonight is looking to be the same BUT we're not talking about this as you never, ever speak of a sleeping child. EVER!!


  1. Our door handles are really high, DD1 judges people's age and height by telling us that he/she could reach the lock (i.e. the door knob). I'm thinking 6 or 7 yrs before she reaches it but she is smart enough to work out to drag something over to it now. I got teary when I read your blog heading. Hope Monkey Man has a lovely night xxx

    1. It gets me a bit teary thinking about it. As much as I know I'm done having babies, he will always by my first xx

  2. Isn't it amazing how they can be so little, but have such incredibly strong ideas of what they do and don't want!? I hope all goes well this time xx


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