Tuesday, 13 March 2012

bananas and limes

It's gonna be a baking day I think. I have the urge to bake yummy things even though I can't and shouldn't eat them. I should clean the house, I should fold washing and I could even make a start on sorting out the study, the pantry or the Tupperware cupboard (I'm convinced that stuff multiplies!!??) or I could go totally domestic goddess like and clean the bathrooms AND the microwave.... Trouble is, I don't want to do any of that. I want to bake. I have limes from our garden and bananas that won't last the week screaming to be used. What do I attempt to make? I'm not exactly Betty Crocker when it comes to cakes... I can do a pretty good packet cake (who can't??) but baking from scratch is definitely not my thing. I'm pretty sure they will have to be two separate dishes as I can't think of a single one that contains both fruits. Reality is most of it will probably go in the bin as A) I won't let my kids eat cake everyday, and they probably won't be into it unless its chocolate and sprinkly. B) my hubby is a bit of a cake snob and tends to eat only chocolate sprinkly cakes. Hang on?! C) I'm on a diet and while cake is ok to eat, if I choose to eat it then I won't be able to eat much more for the rest of the day. Still, I wanna bake yummies!!

Due to tag teaming kids I'll either have two toddler helpers who insist on having their own bowls and spoons, complete with flour, water and some colouring to mix up, or my clingy, teething and separation anxiety suffering baby who cries as soon as I'm out of sight. Huge mess or whinging and crying? Sounds like fun hey? You wish you were so lucky.

Sunday's attempt at domestic goddess status saw me make a tuna mornay from scratch. Both my bigger kids looked at it, poked it, pushed it around the plate and then pushed the plate away saying a loud and clear 'NO!'. Hmmm ok, lucky I eat tuna or else it all would have ended up in the bin. I suspect I'll be eating it for a week though. And its at this point I'm glad I halved the recipe.

Last night at dinner Missy Moo refused everything I offered her. Tuna mornay, spaghetti and toast, vegemite toast, cheese on toast, sandwiches, etc etc. Eventually she ate her body weight in shaved ham and a cheese stick. She was clearly hungry but refusing to eat which really revs me. Both of my big kids have done this and no doubt Little Miss will to. Infuriating doesn't begin to cover it. I'm clearly not a domestic goddess in the kid food department, nor the baking department. In fact I can't really think of an area where I am actually a domestic goddess?? Maybe I'll be better in my next life?

Any suggestions for what to do with bananas and limes??


  1. Banana muffins - bake, wrap individually and freeze. That way they can be a treat for the kids and not an everyday food.

    Limes, hmmm, citrus tart? Pre-buy the pastry case and make a lemon and lime filling? Or send them to work with hubby to leave in the tea room for anyone who wants them?

  2. i have a WICKED, YUMMO recipe for a very simple to make banana bread... and it's OH SO GOOOOD!!!

    1. Saz I'd love to hear this recipe!! share, share, share!!

  3. I have a great one, will find it for you if you don't have one already it might be the same one for banana bread - easy AB helps all the time, and the limes.. pretty sure they need to be used in a glass with some G&T? I love google - found the one I use online! http://www.lifestylefood.com.au/recipes/13577/bestever-banana-bread - I double the recipe and but in a loaf tin, you can slice up and freeze and seriously the kids love it!


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