Friday, 23 March 2012

my pretty new blog

The online world is truly an amazing place. I've said it before and will no doubt say it again. A couple of months back I participated in an online auction organised by the lovely Naomi from Seven Cherubs. Naomi was deeply upset after her friend, Lisa King lost her husband and the father of her boys, Aaron, suddenly and tragically. To make matters worse, Lisa and Aaron and had only buried their son a few months before. I mean really, can you imagine? Stories like these happen everyday, and whilst I've always found them heartbreaking, since becoming a mother myself I find them almost unbearable. The thought of losing any of my children, or my husband just rips me to pieces. A few years back my husband drowned, and not only did he come close to being a quadraplegic, but he almost died. I still can't watch Bondi Rescue or hear ambulance sirens without having flashbacks to that night. I don't think I ever will. Thankfully we had two mates with us who saved his life while I fell apart. I will forever be in their debt. When I hear of other people suffering such terrible tragedies I want to help. I donate to charities, to fun runs and shave my head for money appeals, I bake cakes for cake sales and hope to teach my own kids how important it is to give back. So I saw Naomi's auction and had to get involved. I bid on a few items and was outbid, but one item appealed to me over all others; a blog make-over. I bid, and I bid fiercely. I was not going to be outbid. And I won!! don't you love the feeling when you 'win' an item in an auction or on ebay - yes you bought it and have to pay but woohoo you won something!. Naomi put me in touch with Katrina from The Media Maid and so began a beautiful friendship.

Katrina and I have been emailing back and forth for some time now, her listening to my constant pedantic thoughts, translating my pathetic descriptions of how I wanted my blog to look, and patiently answering my requests for a 'slightly different blue'! The poor thing is probably so glad to see the back end of me and I couldn't blame her. She's trying to run a business, and has 3 kidlets of her own! I really hope all her clients aren't like me. The funny part of it all is, until yesterday I had no idea she was Katrina from The Block (2011), a TV show hubby and I watched religiously. We laughed at Katrina and Amie's funny moments, cheered on their triumphs and the various 'reunited with their kids' moments had a pregnant/post baby me crying every time. I loved Katrina, and I'm not just saying that because she's helped me, I really did. She was funny and honest, I laughed at her going to get her nails done when she should have been building a kitchen or something - I mean thats something I would do! And yay for my first celeb moment. They say good things happen in threes so I'm owed two more right? I wonder if Michael Buble is participating in any online auctions??

So thankyou Naomi and Katrina for my awesome 'prize'... I think my new and improved blog looks fabulouso, don't you? I wonder what I can go an 'win' tonight?



  1. Yup, Katrina is a star! Such a lovely chick. Your blog is looking just gorgeous now sweetheart!

  2. It looks fabulous! I need to win me a makeover I think!


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