Thursday, 1 March 2012

pass the anti-ageing products please

I'm getting old, I'm 33 this year and whilst I know this isn't actually old, believe me when I say my face says otherwise. Lets not even mention the sagging and drooping happening below the neck. For all of these things I blame motherhood! Pregnancy sent my previously nice boobs southwards, it's riddled my belly and hips with stretchmarks or tiger stripes as I've heard them called, and today I noticed the wrinkles around my eyes!! Oh my gawd!! I've never really had these before. I'm sure they're a result of weight loss-gain-loss-gain as well as motherhood but seeing as I want to continue to lose weight, well I'm choosing to blame motherhood. Sleepless nights, listening to crying, screaming, tantrumming, explaining the same thing over and over and over again, not getting to enjoy a hot meal or drink uninterrupted for at least a year, worrying all the time... yes I blame all of this for the horrible lines around my eyes. I can wear a decent bra and it's not like I wear mid-driff tops so those issues don't really worry me, and just quietly I wear them as a bit of a badge of honour. I grew 3 healthy babies with this body so yay me. My face though, my eyes?? Not happy about this, and I'm off to research some anti-ageing products which until now I have skipped in every grocery and department store and associated catalogue as I haven't needed any of it. Not anymore, it's time to admit I'm getting old and need those products. sob sob sob, how depressing. Next thing I'll be buying granny undies and support stockings to go with my conservative cardigans, grey hair and flat shoes..... oh how times have changed. And while I'm talking about my face, why am I still getting breakouts like a teenager if I'm now so old??


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