Monday, 19 March 2012

miserable but cute monkeys

All 3 of my monkeys have colds, which means Little Miss is sick for really the first time ever. The snot is flowing and the whinging is epic, and alas I too am getting it. I passed out, fully dressed, on our bed last night sometime between bathtime, stories and the end of In The Night Garden. I woke briefly to crying from Little Miss, heard my hubby coming up the stairs to her and promptly went back to sleep. I woke again at some unknown time, the house was dark but not silent as hubby was still up watching TV and I got under the covers. I woke again at a later unknown time, hubby was snoring next to me (so the house was almost silent) and this time the house was very dark. No idea what times I woke but I slept til 6.30 this morning. Oops! I clearly needed it. A sleep like that combined with weird dreams means I am getting sick but there is no time for mums to be sick is there? We soldier on as the kids need mothering and the house needs tending. Well apart from putting a load of washing in the machine and tidying up after kids meals, I'm going on a domestic strike today and will do nothing more. Between wiping noses and eyes, cleaning up vomit, picking up thrown food and listening to non-stop whinging and sleep refusal screams I figure I will be busy enough. At least I can take cold n flu tablets now due to not being pregnant or breastfeeding. You don't realise how much you miss the little things in life til they're no longer an option.

On Saturday when the sickness started I went hunting for baby and childrens panadol and I realised a) how much medicine we have and b) how much of that is out of date! I threw so much out after emptying the cupboard completely. When was the last time you went through your medicine cupboard?

I just heard a moment of cuteness between Monkey Man and Missy Moo:
Monkey Man: you give me a cuddle
Missy Moo: yeah
cuddle happens
Missy Moo: awwwwwww
Monkey Man: we best friends

nawwww is that not just the cutest thing you've ever heard!!


  1. That is one seriously cute conversation! I hope you feel better soon xx

  2. Get well soon Monkeys!! (And you too Liza) Sucks to be sick when the kids are a handful (or three).

    Your kids are so cute. BFFs! xx


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