Tuesday, 27 March 2012

your legacy??

With a couple of deaths in the family over the last few weeks, and a funeral to attend on Friday its got me thinking about death a bit. When a loved one dies close family members are left with the task of sorting and packing their belongings. Going through clothes, photos, jewellery, ornaments etc can be a lovely trip down memory lane albeit very sad. So I've been thinking about death a bit, not in a morbid way but more along the lines of my legacy. When I die what will I leave behind? A husband (possibly, men die before women apparantly), 3 beautiful children who will hopefully have their own families by then and what? What else have I achieved? I've travelled a little, we own our house (in collaboration with the bank) and I have family and friends who will hopefully remember me fondly but other than that what do I have? I'm a little proud of my blog but as no one knows my passwords, does it die with me? Assuming of course that blogging still exists in like 50 years. The bulk of our photos are stored digitally so no one will have to go through albums and boxes of photos and get all teary over memories. I post on forums and chatrooms, facebook pages but what would happen if I just stopped? Would anyone notice? Today so much is digital, even baby books are becoming more and more digital. I'm determined to have old fashioned books and photo albums/books for my kids first years so they can look at them and see how they were, when they achieved things. Most likely I will have forgotten by the time they ask me so I should really document it now while I remember. I'm sure with 3 under 3 I will age alot faster (hahaha) so really should get onto writing this stuff down now. Thankgod for my blog, most of it is recorded here. I should consider writing my passwords down somewhere safe hey, or at least printing my blogs and photos out? I should get onto achieving things from my bucket list...

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  1. It's sad to think about, I have slowly been writing a little journal for Matty I hope the boy will like it. He is my biggest asset and biggest achievement! The rest can be replaced.


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