Tuesday, 13 March 2012

wafer biscuits, who knew they could make so much mess?

My little one, Little Miss is teething right now. Her first tooth popped through with minimal fuss, nothing like what I've been through with Missy Moo (6 weeks of feralness with her 1yo molars) and Monkey Man (screaming, sleepless nights for just about EVERY tooth)... and I did it, I made the mistake of thinking maybe the last baby will be the easy teether. I clearly jinxed us as yesterday she was awake from 12-4.30 in the afternoon. Way too long for my 7mo to be awake and by about 4pm she was hysterically inconsolable. Nothing I did helped her, in her fury she'd put her bottom tooth into her top gum so there was blood everywhere and she was sweaty, screaming and throwing her arms and legs around like a crazy baby. While all of this was happening I had two toddlers downstairs in my totally secure and child proof back part of the house. Although I knew they were safe, I also left them with a bowl of wafer biscuits in an attempt to buy myself some time to deal with Miss Hysterical upstairs. I bought Little Miss downstairs to give her a bottle as a last resort before panadol, I wanted to see if she'd calm down with a drink. She had only a little bit but was much happier and the bleeding gum had stopped, so this was good news on two counts. I hadn't really paid any attention to my toddlers yet, and before I could the phone rang. I stood in the kitchen with the monkeys out of sight behind the lounge chatting with Little Miss in arms for a few minutes before I remembered the phone is cordless and I could go and sit down. I sat on the lounge, chatting away with Little Miss getting sleepy (finally!!) in my lap, and then, then I looked up and saw my kids. Missy Moo had chocolate wafer cream ALL OVER her face, head, arms, legs and the floor. Monkey Man was sitting in front of her and in true monkey like behaviour was picking and licking the cream off her and eating it himself. URGH!! I told the family friend on the phone about the scene unfolding in front of me and she offered to let me go. I told her it was fine, they were having fun and whilst it disgusted me they were just being kids. We chatted away for a bit more. Before I know it Monkey Man is licking and sucking pink and chocolate wafer biscuits, softening them up and rubbing them all over his face!! Oh dear god. Little Miss is about to fall asleep in my arms and there is pink and brown wafers and cream all over both my kids, the lounge, the floor and all near by toys. Time to get off the phone and be a mum! One baby quickly in bed for a power nap, one big wet cloth dragged over two protesting and whinging toddlers and 40 mins on my hands and knees cleaning up the carnage. Who knew little biscuits could make so much mess? I will definitely re-think giving them those for snacks when I'm trying to deal with a hostile baby situation.


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