Sunday, 11 March 2012

feeling sentimental

I'm tired, it's been a lovely relaxing weekend and I've had two lovely sleep-ins (thanks hubby) but I am tired, and it's almost Monday again which means no rest for the wicked....  And because I love/need/want my quiet time on the laptop once the house is silent well I'm getting more tired and thats no ones fault but my own. Anyway, I'm feeling very sentimental - possibly due to tiredness so apologies in advance. My babies are growing up. I feel sad, happy and guilty. At times of stress, when I've had moments of not coping I've wished this all away, and I feel so guilty for that. I wished my Little Miss would become more independent, and in a matter of a week she's sitting confidently. She also cut her second tooth today and a part of me wants to yell 'slow down! you're my last shot at this so please slow down!!'... All 3 are growing so fast and while that saddens me in some respects, I am also at peace with the decision that 3 is our number. I went to brunch yesterday with some other mums and one was pregnant. I wasn't envious or clucky in the slightest, in fact I couldn't help but think by the time her bundle arrives I will most likely/hopefully have 3x kids sleeping through the night. Result!! Little Miss is almost there!! A friend announced her pregnancy during the week, a much wanted sibling for their toddler. There was much fuss and hype over that second pink line on the pregnancy test and whilst I am absolutely thrilled for her, I am so glad its not me. But I am feeling sad that my babies are growing so fast, and proud of how they're changing and becoming little people, and thought it might be time for an update on monkey madness:

Missy Moo is becoming more of a little lady everyday, although I still see the little baby inside when I look at her. Perhaps because I'm her Mum and I'll always see her that way, or perhaps because she really does have a baby face. These photos are a year apart...

Missy Moo is chatting, alot, she answers and asks questions and runs everywhere she goes. She is a real Daddy's girl, and no one else exists when Daddy is in the room. She adores her big brother and little sister and is 'cuddling' and smothering them with kisses every chance she gets, even if that means completely suffocating her sister with a cuddle. Missy Moo loves books but loves music and dance more, she stops whatever she is doing whenever she hears music and jumps up to dance. She's wearing size 3 clothes, despite not being 2 yet and is a size 5.5 foot. She also appears to have taken on my love of shoes which honestly, makes my heart swell. 

Monkey Man becomes more of a mini-me everyday, personality wise. Looks wise he is the SPITTING image of his dad but the bossiness and non-stop talking come from me, completely. He'll be 3 before I know it although I'm sure he's a 'three-nager' already - check out the pose

Monkey Man is bossy, chatty, head strong and knows what he wants, in fact he tells me all day/every day what he wants and doesn't want. He has the odd tantrum which is generally over pretty quickly. He's not 3 yet but is wearing size 4 or 5 tops (depending on the brand), 3-4 pants and is a size 9.5 shoe. He's going to tower over my hubby and I in teenage years and provided the tantrums have stopped by then I think we will get along. He's attached to Thomas, Buzz and Lightning McQueen and anything his sister has or wants. He also adores his sisters and seeing them kiss and cuddle 'goodnight' everynight is the cutest thing you will ever see.

Last but certainly not least, Little Miss is the happiest, smiliest baby who's whole face lights up when she sees me. She is a bit of a mummas girl right now which I guess is natural seeing she's never really been away from me. She smiles and pokes her tongue out and makes the cutest squeaks when she poops!

This week she's mastered sitting confidently and is happiest when left to sit, and she's cut her first two teeth - the second one today! She's having two sleeps a day and has almost mastered sleeping through the night, and trust me there will be much celebration when she does. Little Miss loves her food and devours her solids with gusto much like Monkey Man did and at 7mths old she's about to wear size 1 in everything as the last of her 0's are busting at the seams.

These three little people are my whole world. I know in my heart that our family is complete and now we need to concentrate on bringing our monkeys up to be the best people they can. I'm proud of who they are and excited to see who they become.

Wow, that was a bit soppy wasn't it?? Maybe that time of the month is coming?? Apologies, soppyfest over, normal service will resume tomorrow xo


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