Wednesday, 14 March 2012

our TV, our hero

There is lots of debate, discussion, whatever about kids and TV. This isn't another debate, simply a note of thanks from me, to my TV. We love the TV in this house, it's on all day. That doesn't mean it's watched all day, it's mainly on in the background. I do have to admit though that Monkey Man stops dead in his tracks, comes running from far corners of the backyard, dripping in dirt, sweat and leaves as soon as the Thomas The Tank Engine theme music starts. Missy Moo dances on the spot when any music comes on, and her world ends when The Wiggles ends, there is tears, lots of them. Little Miss has developed a crush on Hoot the Owl to match the one I've got on Jimmy Giggle. She's also partial to a bit of In The Night Garden. I can't forget Play School, which my toddlers LOVE. I'm on the look-out for live shows later this year, rumour has it they're touring NSW in June/July this year. As for me, I rarely get to watch much during the day unless it's on kids channels... I do try and watch Ellen but its all dependent on tag teaming children. I love Ellen!! 

Play School is my kids show of choice though and every afternoon from 4.30-5 I can guarantee you will find my kids in front of the TV. It teaches my kids things, songs and dances, reads a story and the things they can do with an empty loo roll is nothing short of a miracle. My kids aren't old enough yet to compute that we have toilet rolls and thus should do what Justine and Tao do on the show, thankgawd! Play School buys me half an hour of quiet and for that I am forever grateful. Some nights I get dinner ready, some I deal with the cranky baby, sometimes I go to the loo for the first time all day, and sometimes I close my eyes for a bit. Whatever I do during this time I'm grateful to have half an hour of quiet after a full day of crying, fighting, screaming, tantruming, toy carnage and seemingly endless nappy changes. Some days we all dance along to Play School but don't tell anyone as I believe the cool mums don't dance. Today I'm blogging on my phone as I can't leave the room. If and when I do, my Little Miss falls back and can't get up so screams, Monkey Man and Missy Moo fight, scream and pull every toy we own out of the storage boxes which causes more mess for me to clean up. Or they decide to 'cuddle' Little Miss which translates to laying on top of her while she screams.

So if you ever need to get hold of me, generally 4.30-5pm everyday is a good time  xx


  1. ABC2 tends to be on in the background a bit at my house too. Max is the exactly the same as Monkey Man with Thomas. He can hear that theme song from any corner of the house and he goes running towards the TV yelling 'Thomas, it's Thomas'!


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