Tuesday, 20 March 2012

don't know where he gets it from

I watched my kids harrass our gardener (not as posh as it sounds, trust me!!) this afternoon. They followed him around the deck endlessly calling his name, asking him inane questions and telling him useless facts about trains or buzz or babies. Andrew, or Roo Roo as Missy Moo calls him, handled it so well, he didn't tell them to go away or leave him alone although I'm sure he considered it many times whilst he was being hassled. I worry that he must find them so annoying and irritating when he's just trying to get the yard done before it rains, again. I am almost embarrassed about how they carry on when he's here. Not really, but I often wonder what he thinks of this situation. I'm not really explaining myself well here. Kids will be kids but I spose when you're not used to it, it can be a little full on. I'm used to it and still have moments where I find it all a little full on. Poor Andrew always handles the attention well and still manages to get the job done, and this afternoon he told me what lovely kids they are, and how his 'little followers' provide him many entertaining stories to tell his mates. Nawwww how cute is that!!

Monkey Man talks to complete strangers everywhere we go, he's not shy at all. He's a bossy little thing of not even 3 yet, telling me frequently 'be quiet, I'm on the phone!'... today he told me to 'stop bossing him around'!! Missy Moo is getting more outgoing as she gets older. She was very shy to begin with and is still hesitant of strangers but within minutes she goes about her normal business. Chatting away, poking her tongue out, smiling that scrunched up face smile that toddlers do so well. She LOVEs the word NO(!) right now and I hear that often, with attitude to boot. I watch them grow and change and see nothing of myself in them, physically that is. Personality wise, thats a different story.

As a child I used to harrass our neighbour, walking up and down the fence line telling him tales and asking questions as he was trying to garden. I used to talk to complete strangers, telling them secrets and things I shouldn't like all about Mummy and Daddy's big fight last night! And bossy? You've never known a bossier child. I HAD to be the Dr, the teacher, the parent, the choreographer (dont ask) in every game, so long as it was the dominant role. As an adult, I'm still bossy. Meh, someone has to be in charge, right? When my hubby challenges my role as boss thats when we have issues!! hahahaha. I never woke up well, mornings were not my thing and if looks could kill, you'd never want to be on the receiving end of one of my deadly scowls. At first glance, with blonde hair and blue eyes, I don't see myself when I look at my kids, apart from their dimples - those are mine. However as soon as they speak, they yell at each other, as soon as they crease their brows and scowl at me or each other, bam! there I am in 1 and 2 year old mini me versions. It's kinda scary watching yourself all over again.


  1. Love that you have kids who are not afraid to say what they think. I love kids with spunk and opinion. I do have to say I find it scary watching myself played out in my kids though. eeek! N x

  2. Naomi its lovely seeing them have and voice opinions. Not so nice when my son asks random strangers if 'they have a willy'??? LOL


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