Sunday, 6 May 2012

birthday bucket list

In two months time I will be 33. Last night I was sure I was turning 34 this year - thanks to a friend for pointing out my error. Further proof I am losing my mind. Officially. Anyway! I remember being 23 and I'm sure it was only yesterday? When I was 23 I went overseas on a two year working holiday to The UK. I was single, debt free (pretty much) and had spent 6 months working two jobs, saving to go abroad. I planned to see every country in Europe and sample food (and men) from round the world, in other words, I was ready to party! I got as far as England, met my hubby a few months in and well the rest, as they say, is history. . .  I managed to do a few weekend trips to places such as Paris and Amsterdam, and had such good times with friends, it really was the time of my life.

Since then, life has taken many different turns, some good, some bad, many fabulous but I've lived my life and am proud to say I don't have many regrets. I've been thinking about my upcoming birthday and things I'd like to achieve before then... so here goes, lets see if I can tick them all off in two months:

Ten things in my bucket!! (In no particular order):
  1. lose another 5kg (taking the total to 40kg since Little Miss was born 9mths ago)
  2. have a girls weekend
  3. buy my fancy shmancy camera
  4. get laser done on my legs
  5. master some basic skills in photoshop
  6. join the gym
  7. catch up with my girlfriends at least twice
  8. make a kick arse birthday cake (or three) for my kidlets big 1,2,3 party
  9. organise said party with minimal stress (miracles can happen!!)
  10. go a whole month without shopping online (groceries dont count)
Wish me luck!!



  1. Love to see the no shopping for a month... I challenge you (no chance I will win!)

  2. game on Merv!! note I said one month as I have a birthday party to buy for in July and we all know how much I rely on the interweb for party supplies.


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