Sunday, 20 May 2012

payback is a bitch

The hubby and I went out last night, by ourselves ie with no kids. We went into the city too (about half an hour from here) so it was a proper grown up night out, with no kids. We organised Nanny to sit with the monkeys and went while they were in the bath - normally we put them down ourselves and then go out. My Mum is perfectly capable of putting them to bed and insisted she'd be fine so we booked the table at a decent hour and headed off, with no kids. We caught up with friends who are travelling around Oz and being from the UK, everything here seems so different and dare I say it, better. Yes I'm biased but I'm an aussie girl through and through.

We discussed who would drive and who would drink, we considered going on public transport and both having a few drinks. Nanny was staying overnight so there was no reason to rush home. Since having kids neither of us has really gotten on the sauce, so to speak. Call us old fuddy duddies but the thought of a hangover with 3 under 3 is simply terrifying and totally enough to make you stop after a couple of glasses. I've either been pregnant or breastfeeding for the better part of the last 4 years so thats my excuse, and now I'm so out of practice that a glass of wine with dinner is enough to have me feeling slightly warm and fuzzy. I'm officially a cheap drunk whereas a few years back I could have drunk most blokes under the table - and I did, often.

So off to dinner we went, I drove. Dinner was at a beautiful restaurant on the harbour, right on the water which was scenic but freezing. The number of teenagers walking around wearing what can only be described as belts, clearly freezing, made me feel very old. I was in jeans and a top and jacket and was freezing. How those girls felt in itsy bitsy lycra dresses with their legs, shoulders, backs and hoohaas out in the cold, I'll thankfully never know. I was so distracted by the people watching and good conversation that I forgot to order my one glass of wine I'd decided to have. bugger. Told you I was out of practice. Dinner came, the food was lovely even if it took ages to come and there was fireworks in the harbour which was a nice added treat. We even had dessert which as any parent with young kids will tell you is a rarity. Normally its enough effort to shovel your own now cold food in between feeding little people and breaking up food fights and tantys over the last biscuit or the fact that his cup is greener than her green cup!?!??! After a really nice relaxing evening with minimal kid talk we headed home and were tucked up in bed by just after 12 and neither of us turned into pumpkins.

About 1.30 the real fun began. We were woken by a projectile vomiting baby who managed to spew down the wall, all over her cot, her clothes, her bed linen and her sleeping bag. Nice.

With only an hour and a bit sleep under our belts, I think both hubby and I felt more hungover than we had in a long time. He changed her, I changed the bed. My Mum then came in and told us that she'd done the same thing about 3 hours earlier so this would be her 3rd set of sheets etc for the night. I'm a little bit OCD and with 3 in cots, I have a fair few sets of sheets but most were now dirty. If she did it again we would have issues changing her bedding. Little Miss has never really done this before and I have no idea what the cause was but it was pretty unpleasant. Thankfully, poor bubba slept through the rest of the night. Monkey Man decided to wake up multiple times crying though so it was without a doubt, a long night. All three were then up early as per usual.

Payback for going out, without the kids? Payback for not letting loose and having a wild night given we had the chance? Payback for staying home with babies for so long and being nannas before our time?? Who bloody knows but as I load my 4th load of washing for the day into the machine, and look at the 3 or 4 others spread all over the laundry waiting their turn, I have ample time to comtemplate why the spew monster decided to crash my saturday night. What a bitch, seriously. Would be nice if she'd send her cousin, the cleaning fairy, to sort out the mess she created. Or what about her sister, super nanny, to look after the toddlers who are doing their normal thing.

I am so grateful not to have an actual hangover today, so so grateful.



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