Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A nice photo of 3 under 3??

It's so hard, actually almost impossible, to get a decent photo of my 3 kids together, at the same time. How the hell do professional photographers do it? I'm beyond frustrated and am pretty sure I'm going to have to learn the art of photoshopping, yes I'm going to have to cheat.

At least one child looks away from the camera, gets up to see their photo, lunges for the camera to (again) see their photo, talks or pulls a stupid face, shouts thus pulling a stupid face, looks at something interesting, does their best 'Buzz' face etc etc. Sometimes more than one child does (any of) the above. I can take 20 shots before I get a decent one and none are fantastic although yay for digital photography! This is why I resort to using professional photographers. They are so worth the money.

This is today's effort:

See what I'm dealing with??? How do you get happy snaps of your kids? Help! Share your tips, and any pro photographers out there who want to donate their services, I promise to love you, lots.



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