Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mothers Day 2012

Mothers Day this year was my third and it went for a few days which was fab! Mums are special, and I appreciate mine so much more since becoming a Mum myself. I don't know how she did it alone with 2 young kids....

On Friday I attended daycare for Mothers Day morning tea. We were treated to songs and massages from our kiddies, and some beautiful hand made goodies. I LOVE the gifts daycare make with the kids.... alot of thought go into them and how they manage to get perfect handprints from litttle people amazes me. I can never get a bloody good handprint. I've kept each handmade thingy I've received from daycare and plan to hang on to them forever. I also plan to embarrass my kids with them hahaha.

Saturday night my cousin and I took our Mums to dinner and a show, a surprise outing for them. Mothers Day is important to me as a Mum but also I try to make sure my Mum is acknowledged as she did a great job as a single Mum, and is a fantastic Nanna to my kids. We enjoyed dinner on the water in Darling Harbour and then saw An Officer & A Gentleman. Woot, the male lead was a bit alright and the show was great. After a late night I was hoping for a sleep in but we had a busy day planned today so when I heard my hubby and 3 kids 'creep' up the stairs this morning I was chuffed to see them. They came bearing gifts as well as cuddles, what a great way to wake up.

I got a beautiful personalised card, and a new iphone case with an image of my kidlets on it.... how sweet. It was all in a beautiful gift bag but hubby did wrap the phone case in a post bag, as a joke. He clearly read my blog(s).... smart ass! I also got another gift... my DSLR!!!! I've been wanting this camera for the longest time and now, I have it! Be prepared for photo heavy posts - apologies in advance. And thankyou to all of you for the FB and blog bullying you dished out to my hubby. This year, he did good. This year, I'm thrilled.

my special new phone case *love*

my new baby!!!!

Sunday we spent the morning at an animal farm. The kids loved it; Missy Moo was fine despite my reservations and worries. Little Miss was so calm and happy despite no sleep. Monkey Man was, however, a nightmare! Running here there and everywhere he shouldn't. If there was an out of bounds place, he was there. He ran around in front of everyone like a lunatic and I'm positive every one there was talking about 'that boy' and his psycho mum. I was the one who wouldn't let him climb into animal enclosures, the one who wouldn't let him eat poop, the one who wouldn't let him crawl into a well. I'm such a spoil sport. Meh, let them talk, it was for his own good.
My little family today:

Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely mummas I know. Some of the most supportive, encouraging, kind and generous people I know and who I couldn't live without. Love ya!



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