Thursday, 3 May 2012

Our holiday at a glance

This week has been spent on holidays! We took the kids to a cabin at a holiday park on the North Coast and its been fun, exhausting but fun. We've had ups and downs but overall its been a good week. The kids have had fun and are sad to be leaving tomorrow but I know we're all looking forward to getting home to our own beds and rooms. And I'm sure hubby is looking forward to getting back to work - for a holiday.

Day 1:
  • 3x exhausted children who refused a day sleep, tantrum city including simultaneous tantrums through the supermarket. Oh yes people, the circus is in town!! We then drove around, taking in scenery for an hour so they could all have a power snooze in the car and held our fingers and breath at every traffic light that they would stay asleep!
  • Both kids are excited to have a TV at their level, and a big one at that. They couldn't get any closer if they tried
  • Monkey Man and Missy Moo are sharing a room, never happened before. They went to bed completely exhausted, and went to sleep after this exchange:
Missy Moo: brother??
Monkey Man: yeah?
Missy Moo: Hi!
nawwww, cue heartstrings.

Day 2:
  • Monkey Man watched me have a shower, something he never does. The words 'you're hairy' were spoken. Note to self: get waxing done ASAP.
  • 20mth old Missy Moo has a new saying: 'G'day Mate' courtesy of the locals
  • The people here are so patriotic and proud. One household flies a Jim Beam bourban flag in their front yard, on a real flag pole. Yes seriously.
  • Apparantly its ok to make up uneek spellings of names here too
  • Little Miss is saying her first words (99% confident of this) and its dadadadadadada. Mumma feels very ripped off {for the record, Monkey Man said Mum first but both girls have said Dadda first}
  • I was told by a random: 'I have my hands full'. It took two days which has got to be some kind of record
Day 3:
  • Little Miss decided she was up for the day at 4am, which of course woke the toddlers up given theres only a thin wafer wall between the bedrooms. So we were all up for the day from 4am. Holy mother of god.
  • We ventured to an animal farm. It was an EPIC FAIL. Monkey Man was more interested in the steps and slides and other climbing structures than feeding the animals. Missy Moo and Little Miss screamed the place down, both absolutely terrified of the animals who admittedly were rather agressive in their pursuit of food. The screaming got so bad I left with the girls and drove for an hour and a half while they slept. I may or may not have cried as my plans of taking photos of the kids' delight at touching and feeding animals disintegrated before my eyes. Hubby got some on his phone, Monkey Man loves doing his 'Buzz' face in photos. Its lovely.  
  • The maccas drive thru here does NOT do hot drinks. Seriously. What is the fcuken point of drive thru then?
  • Monkey Man threw a monster 30 minute tanty at nap time. He was 'not tired, done, ready to get up', etc etc etc and screamed the holiday park down. An hour and a half after giving in, he was still sleeping. So much for not being tired.
Note: by this stage I was ready to pack the car and head home, with or without the husband and kids. This was all his fault (of course) and the kids could just go somewhere away from me, far far away. We decided to stick it out.
Day 4:
  • Hubby has a 'hairy bum' according to Monkey Man
  • Little Miss went to the beach for the first time today, and for a swim - in an indoor pool, not at the beach. She wasn't that keen on either, truth be told
  • Monkey Man watched me put some make up on this morning and asked me 'why I was painting my face brown?'
  • The simple things really are the best aren't they? Monkey Man and Missy Moo were more excited by a trip to the beach and $2 ice creams than any costly thing we've done so far.

Day 5:
  • Monkey Man and Missy Moo tried to get up at 4:17am. Yes really. There was a bit of sshhhing, lots of patting and they went back to sleep til 5 when hubby got up with them. Today was a long day.
  • We took the kids to lunch at the local bowls club. They were really well behaved, the oldies clucked over them between bingo games and it was the most relaxing lunch we've had in ages and it was in public. We even had a couple come over and compliment us on how beautiful the kids were. They also told us we were a well oiled machine and doing a good job raising 3 kids so close together. How lovely.
  • Little Miss had her first lamb chop and enjoyed it, alot

Day 6:
  • The kids slept til after 6. Bold font as its been a long week of 4-5 being the 'norm' time to wake up. Really. 6am totally felt like a 10am sleep in.
  • After saying for ages he was going to swim with sharks, Monkey Man chickened out completely today at the Shark n Ray centre. The water was apparantly too cold and the sharks were 'big and scary'. Shame he didn't say that before we paid for it! Sometimes I forget he's not even 3 yet
  • We were told at the shark and ray centre that we 'have our hands full'. again.
  • Missy Moo is now saying her own name, it sounds kinda like Abbey as she says 'Iby' but hello cuteness! Now if only she would start using her siblings names rather than 'brotha and baby'
  • Monkey Man had more fun in a nappy box than he did at any paid activity we've done since being here. Typical.
Tomorrow we head home so we will start the day with boot tetris, load up the kids and cross our fingers that at least one sleeps on the way - all 3 would be heavenly but too much to ask for.


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