Friday, 4 May 2012

sex on the beach

Tomorrow Missy Moo, Monkey Man and I have a date with Dorothy the Dinosaur. Nanny (my Mum) is coming along and I'm not sure if the kids are more excited about seeing Nanny or the Dinosaur. They freaking worship the ground my Mum walks on, and its just beautiful to see. She (Dorothy that is) is throwing a Beach Party at our local RSL, in Autumn. I've heard good things, I mean she parties with 4 guys regularly and that rosy tea is definitely spiked, have you heard her speak?? Oh yes, the D-saur knows how to party. It will no doubt be a rager with tequila shots, hot guys, loud music, a bonfire and sex on the beach.... oh wait, you mean its not gonna be that kinda party? Fcuk. I had my hopes up and my coconut bra ready to go. I even waxed my legs, although I do need a pedi and a bikini wax (just ask Monkey Man) so maybe its a good thing its not that kinda party.

So yes, Nanny, the monkeys and I are hitting the local Arie for a few wiggles and giggles. Little Miss is staying home to have a sleep and hopefully sleep off her post-holiday-comedown-combined-with-teething-angst. I'm looking forward to it, despite putting my coconut bra away, but I'm crossing everything that the kids get a good nights sleep and are happy and well behaved in public or else it could be a disaster. Yes, I'm worried they will muck around and embarrass me, in fact I'm sure they will. Perhaps there will be kids there that act out worse than mine do?? Hopefully? Please?

The last time I went to an RSL (pre kids) there was ALOT of alcohol consumed, such great places for cheap booze. There was no coconut bra or grass skirt involved but it may have been the last time I had a bikini wax? Has it really been that long? I partied hard many times at my local RSL, in fact I went to a Manpower show there and I even had the odd pash n dash there. Oh the shame. But that was back in the day. Times have changed, I'm a respectable mother of 3 now and will be 33 in July. Fark when did I get so old? 

Thinking about it though, I may just have to wear that coconut bra as all my clothes are dirty after our week away. Talk about a domestic goddess fail! Now where is the matching grass skirt?



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