Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I see stupid people

For as long as I can remember, I've had little (zero) patience for stupidity. I can't stand idiots. It's that simple. Yet I seem to encounter them daily.

Today I saw a lady put her baby and toddler into the car. The baby was strapped in, the toddler was left to free range in the back seat. What the fcuk is that all about?

I watched a toddler slide out of the front of his pram at the shops today because his mother was so busy on the phone she'd neglected to strap him in. She then screamed at him to get his 'fcukin ass back in his seat (cuz it was his fault!??!) before she flogged him into next week'. Jeezus!

The other day I saw a man driving down the road with a car loaded to the rafters.... there was so much stuff crammed in. There was also two young boys sitting in amongst the stuff in his car, neither actually in seats let alone seat belts. And the driver was texting as he drove.

On the weekend a man decided to stand in front of my Missy Moo at an animal demonstration. Ummmm she's 2ft tall, could you not stand behind her? I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to move and the look he gave me was deadset priceless, he really couldn't believe I asked him to move. Dickhead.

A 19 year old P plater was caught doing 200+ km an hour today, more than double the speed limit. Lucky for everyone on the road he was caught before he killed someone.

We moved houses 14 months ago and with the new house, we got a new phone number. I've lost count of how many times we've had 'wrong number' calls. They happen from time to time, I get that, but the same people keep calling us over and over again. How many times can you tell someone that they have the wrong number before they actually listen. Today's call went something like this

ME: hello?
CALLER: Hi can I speak to Mr Shams?
ME: no, you have the wrong number
CALLER: are you sure?
ME: yes, I'm quite sure
CALLER: are you really sure?
ME: yes, I'm really quite sure
CALLER: is this xxx-xxxxx?
ME: yes thats the number but no one by that name lives here
note kids are screaming at me by this stage, steam is now building in my head
CALLER: but thats the number we have for Mr Shams?
ME: well I don't know Mr Shams and I presume this USED to be his number but not anymore, and not for over a year
CALLER: is this address blah blah blah?
CALLER: whats the address there?
ME: I'm not giving you my address, I don't even know who you are
CALLER: but we have address blah blah for this number
ME: well your records are wrong! please delete this number. I need to go now, you have the wrong number
CALLER: so are you sure Mr Shams isnt there?
I slammed the phone down after a few expletives. Note: slamming the phone down isnt as much of a stress reliever as it used to be, pushing the end call button on a cordless phone just doesnt do it for me.

I don't suffer fools lightly, I find it so hard to bite my tongue and say nothing but honestly, its so SO hard. For the last few years, being aware I'm getting older, I've tried to practice a 'think before speaking' policy. I am trying to not just mouth off as I've suffered many occurences of foot in mouth disorder. Sometimes I am able to put my policy into practice, sometimes not so much. Sometimes I feel I'm surrounded by complete idiots.

Is it just me with this intolerance? Is it just part of getting older?



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