Tuesday, 29 May 2012

domestic goddess fail

I had a massive MASSIVE craving for hot chips with chicken salt and gravy today. My kids go to bed at lunchtime and before then? Well frankly I couldn't be assed to drag them out just to fulfill a craving. I figured I'd do a make your own version with some freezer chips and that would have to do. And of course we had none. What the?? What kind of housewife doesn't have chips in the freezer??
domestic goddess fail

I sent Monkey Man out into the backyard this morning in taupe coloured trackpants (Nanny bought them) and its been raining. What was I thinking? I'm not sure there is enough stain remover in the world to recover those babies.
domestic goddess fail

My house looks like its not been cleaned in months and I go back to work in a couple of weeks. If I can't clean the house while home with the kids, how do I think I'm going to get it done being gone 3 days a week? I suppose on the upside we won't be here 3 days a week so less mess will be made, right?
domestic goddess fail

I finally got a much needed, long overdue, pedi on Saturday and managed to not only chip the paint but crack the nail as well a few short hours later. And not notice, and then rip a pair of $25 tights this morning when I tried on a few bits for work.
domestic goddess fail

I have a carton of buttermilk in the fridge that needs to be used so I put the word out to my Mum friends for a yummy recipe. Within seconds I was flooded with ideas and decided to make pancakes. I thought I'd be all super mum like and put raspberries in them as well - you know, hide a fruit, be all proper mum like. Well Little Miss decided to refuse her sleep, screaming her head off from the cot while Monkey Man and Missy Moo ran around the house like lunatics, also screaming their heads off, screeching, shouting, you name it. It took 4 times as long as it should have, alot burnt, I had to turn the stove off and on numerous times and break up fights or head upstairs and try and soothe the baby...talk about cooking under pressure. I am so not cut out for any of those masterchef type shows and no need to look out for a cooking section of my blog. Putting it bluntly, they look like crap - taste alright though!
domestic goddess fail

no filter, no attempt to pretty them up - this is how they look!

And while I've been writing this all down, my toddlers have attacked a kids pop up tent like a pair of naughty puppies, literally ripping it to shreds. That will teach me for a. trying to blog while they're awake and b. not getting suspicious when it all went quiet outside.

Yes, today has been one epic domestic goddess fail. The kinda day where you question your ability to do anything right and wonder why you bothered. Thankfully for everyone, baked goods included, tomorrow is a new day.

Has anyone else had a failure of a day??



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