Saturday, 5 May 2012

washing, dinosaurs, cake, its a normal saturday here

2 loads down, 3 to go and of course it starts bloody raining. I have SO much washing to do, I fear its going to smother me and no one will hear my screams. Of course when you've got enough to do, what else would you do but create more work by doing a wardrobe cull. Clothes that are falling off are now bagged and ready to go to a charity bin. I was going to sell them but it sounds like too much work to me, and quite frankly I have enough to do for such little return.

a few clothes for charity?

When I weighed myself this morning I was shocked to see I've lost another 3kg. Thrilled, ecstatic etc etc etc!! I celebrated with a bit of cake (only a bit as I was busy feeding or chasing kids) and a milkshake after Dorothy's Beach Party... The kids were a bit overwhelmed but really got into it at the end, typical. I did the sucker parent thing and bought them some merchandise each, and then got smacked in the head with that bloody glowstick thing over and over throughout the show. They had fun, saw Nanny and the dinosaur, danced, ate cake and milkshake afterwards before running wild in the coffee shop section. Monkey Man completed the outing with a lay down on the floor tanty when told it was time to go home. He and Missy Moo then fell asleep in the car on the ten minute drive home and I considered driving to Canberra to keep them asleep. I needed that cake, definitely. Just wish I'd had more of it.



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