Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tantrum Ted

Three little monkeys, their Nanny and I went to see Elmo today. The whole gang was there, Elmo, Abbey, Grover, Big Bird, Sammi, The Count, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, Lady Baa Baa (yes really!!) and Tantrum Ted.... The show was great, we had fabulous seats (second row baby!!) and I managed to divert the kids past the merchandise table, woohoo! Tantrum Ted I hear you ask?? He's the newest resident on Sesame St. He's almost 3, blonde and has serious attitude.

Tantrum Ted didn't want to sit still, he didn't want to sit through the entire show and made it loud and clear when he was 'done!', he hung over the back of his chair and pulled faces at other muppets, he wanted food and once it was all gone a tantrum appeared. This first tantrum was eased by the promise of lunch after the show. Thankfully the show ended shortly after. Yes Monkey Man is currently channelling his inner Tantrum Ted and boy oh boy, are the tantrums epic and frequent.

We walked to the closest McDonalds, stopping to sniff every flower, pick up every cigarette butt and touch every sparkly bit on the ground (as you do at 2 and a half). Both he and Missy Moo hit the playground with passion while I ordered food. Once they were asked to come and eat, tiredness and hunger were at play and well Tantrum Ted showed his true colours. I had Little Miss strapped to me in the baby carrier so when Tantrum Ted threw himself down on the floor and commenced kicking and screaming I considered leaving him there. Everyone was looking at us. Plus he was lying in the doorway so I had to pick him up. I think I did something to my back trying to drag him up from the floor. The tantrum went for the longest time, nothing stopped it and aside from frequent pauses requesting a 'cuddle', it was loud and proud. Everyone was watching, people were commenting, it was ultra humiliating. I threatened a smack, I threatened to take him home right now, I threatened to leave him behind, I threatened to give Missy Moo ice cream while he watched.... gah! nothing bloody worked!! I admitted defeat and we packed up and headed home while everyone stared at us. I had to carry him most of the way back to the car, again while I had Little Miss strapped to me. . .Tantrum Ted is helping me get my daily exercise thats for sure. All 3 promptly fell asleep in the car and I achieved a holy grail of parenting, I successfully transferred all 3 sleeping bambinos from the car to their beds. Monkey Man slept for a further 2.5 hours and I left him to it, he clearly needed it.

Tomorrow will be better right?



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