Monday, 7 May 2012

psycho pageant moms

A month or so ago I was up late (as per usual) and watched a show called Toddlers and Tiaras, an episode where a little girl, a toddler, was dressed as a hooker. I was totally appalled by the car crash TV in front of me, so much so I was still thinking about it days later. Read more about that here.
Imagine my surprise when I turned the DVD off today and Dr Phil was about to start - today's guests are the mum of toddler hooker and another pageant mum, both equally psycho in my opinion. Woot! And just in time for naptime too! I never watch Dr Phil, I really don't. (Oprah was always more my thing and I'm a total Ellen fan.) So the kids are in bed, and once again I am glued to car crash TV.

Wow, what a mess the pageant industry is. These women are nasty and competitive. They're dressing their little girls, 2,3 and 4 years old as hookers, as Madonna's material girl, they're waxing their legs, spray tanning them, having acrylic nails put on and they're wearing fake white teeth. Eye lash extensions? At 3? As an adult I found them so uncomfortable! Why oh why would you put your child through this?? Surely its gotta be a form of abuse? Both their little girls are beautiful little things, I just don't understand why they can't be left alone to be exactly that. Why do they need to be exposed to this shit so early? God knows shaving or waxing your legs (or anything else) is a big enough pain in the ass as an adult and you have to do it far too often. Why start earlier than you have to?

As a Mum of two daughters I take particular offence to this crap. I'm possibly a bit prudish in the way I treat my girls, the way I dress them. I just think they should be little girls for as long as possible as it seems that kids grow up way too fast for my liking. I can pretty much bring on a panic attack thinking ahead to teenage years, mobile phones, parties, cars, boys etc etc.... *shudder* the fear is paralysing!

I don't see how this is funny, amusing or even slightly comedic. Leave them alone, let them be girls. If they want to develop their self esteem and confidence there are other ways!!

I much prefer the 'before' images, every single time.
The little girl in the top pic is really quite pretty already? Why alter her??

As for doing this to babies? Seriously, don't even get me started!! What the hell is wrong with these women?? WHY!!!

Not long after the episode started Missy Moo woke up. She watched these 'women' (term used loosely) argue and scream at each other, and kept saying 'bye bye' to the TV. hahaha I think she was trying to tell me something? We soon changed it back to ABC4Kids and normal viewing resumed. Only in America right??



  1. Did you see Dr Phil today?? Two Mum;s going crazy at each other, law suits, sexualisation... insane!!

  2. OMG yes! what a pair of nutters!! they're both as bad as each other in my opinion and I really feel sorry for their little girls :-(


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