Monday, 21 May 2012

these are a few of my favourite things

If I had to list my favourite things right now, right here... these would be them - in no particular order

Violet Crumble chocolate bar, mmmm nom nom nom! I was devastated when Nestle stopped making the bite size violet crumbles in family bags and the snack size bar isn't the same. This stuff is g.o.o.d!!

Hoodies for feet - snuggly, cosy and warm slippers although I still can't and will never ever wear slippers outside of my house. These are awesome

Home made chocolate freckles, these are the bomb! Make em as thick or thin as you like. Totally scrumptious

Musk Sticks, the only 'candy' type sweet I cannot say no to, and will eat an entire packet in a sitting if I let myself. Yummmo and brings childhood memories with their pink sugary goodness.

Bloom by Kelle Hampton, emotional, beautiful and raw... I can't put this down

My Missy Moo - almost 2, totally gorgeous and a laugh and smile that lights up a room.

Monkey Man - almost 3, cheeky, funny, talkative and tells me he loves me.

Little Miss - almost 1, mummys girl, cuddly, in awe of her brother and sister

Tell me your favourite things, right here, right now



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