Wednesday, 9 May 2012

snippets of cuteness

this afternoon Monkey Man told me 'love you mummy', completely unpromted and out of the blue. When I said I love you too dude he then told me loved Little Miss too.

last night Missy Moo told me I was her 'friend'. Hubby asked her if I was her best friend and she said 'yes' with such conviction.

Little Miss has started doing this upside down wave, kind of like a come here gesture but with her whole hand. It's totally a wave, totally.

Monkey Man has a current habit of asking you if 'you're very happy' right when you're in the middle of a tanty... you're blowing up about something and this little voice asks if you're very happy.

Monkey Man has decided that everything is 'very ....' ie very dark, very nighttime, very finished.

Missy Moo is talking like a machine. She says an audible word then a lot of babble then another audible word or two.

Little Miss is into everything, grabbing at books, pulling the train table apart, snatching toys from the toddlers... revenge is sweet hey.

Missy Moo is sleeping in her 'big girl bed' as of last weekend. The sides are off her cot and she's fallen out a few times. We found her sound asleep on the floor of her bedroom once and have been called in to a crying toddler a few times. When you go in to her she's trying desperately to get back into bed but can't quite get her legs up high enough. You boost her into bed and she snuggles into her covers and resumes sleeping like nothing has happened, I don't think she's even completely awake when this happens.

Monkey Man is sleeping so well in his 'big boy bed', we definitely made the move at the right time. He still hasn't grasped that he can get out of bed himself though so when he wakes up he sits and calls us. When we walk into his room he asks if he 'can get out now?' Lets hope it stays that way for a while to come.

Little Miss is sleeping through the night but shhhhh lets not talk about that.

snippets of cuteness for a Wednesday evening. I love my monkeys and wouldn't change a thing, despite how crazy life can be at times. . . love seeing them growing into little people with such different personalities



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