Monday, 30 April 2012

10 things I hate about you

ok so hate is a strong word and maybe I should say dislike immensely... I mean I could never, ever hate you but these are my current dislikes:
  1. when you wake at 4am, or even 5am. You're cranky and out of sorts all day, and what a long day it is.
  2. when you refuse food, especially when it's lovingly prepared
  3. when you ask the same question over and over
  4. when you make a huge mess, in fact even a small mess
  5. when you take an item of clothing off and leave it where you stand
  6. when you're impatient
  7. when you don't understand me
  8. when you steal the covers or hog the bed - equally as annoying
  9. when you argue back
  10. when you don't do as you're told
In case you hadn't gathered I'm talking about my hubby, but most of these little peeves could apply to my children.... so perhaps its true, you don't need another child when you've got a husband around??

Bought to you by the woman on a weeks holiday with 3 small children all waking early, one teething, two with attitude, and a husband who keeps channel surfing, all in a small cabin. .  .
need I say more??
Don't judge til you've been here!!



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