Sunday, 1 April 2012

roadtrippin with kids

Over the last few months hubby and I have been discussing a road trip. We need, I need, a break from our house and the mundane so a road trip is in order. In days of old we would have packed the car on a friday night and headed off, with not much more than a second thought. With 3 under three, its an entirely different prospect. The what to pack, the planning, the stops along the way, how far to go, the type of accommocation required, its all got to be considered. My first plan was we would visit friends in Narrabri, about 8 hours drive from here. We would go for the Easter long weekend, our kids would all play together and once they were exhausted and tucked up in bed, we'd have happy hour every night with a cheese platter. We'd even do an egg hunt for the kidlets on Easter Sunday. It was perfect. Then my hubby pointed out it would be the longest the kids have ever been in the car, its a long way to go and the Easter weekend is notoriously bad on the roads. Perhaps not such a good idea. I was pissed off, I wanted happy hour dammit. After I had a tanty I realised he was right and it wasn't a good idea. I begrudgingly told my friend we wouldn't be there for Easter and then sulked for a few days about how I wasn't getting my own way. No idea where my children get this trait from.

After my tanty I sat down and told my hubby we, I need a holiday so could we reconsider, please. So after consulting good old google I found a holiday park that has a heated indoor pool and entertainment complex so perfect for any time of the year and busy little people.

We consulted hubbys work calendar, our social activity calendar and locked in a date that suits everyone. So in 3 weeks, hubby, myself and 3 little monkeys are heading on holidays. Port Stephens look out, this tribe is about to descend upon you....

It's only a 2.5 hour drive, I'll pack loads of snacks, we will play endless games of spot the truck, car, plane, tree, cow etc. We have the DVD player in the car to entertain Monkey Man and Little Miss. We plan to start the drive when Little Miss is due for her morning sleep and pray she sleeps til we stop driving. We'll take the pram and booster chairs for them to eat on, buckets and spades, a few toys for each, DVDs, some balls and some grocery staples. Google has told me the closest supermarket is a only few kms away so we will buy food once we get there. The cabin is self contained so apart from some fish n chips on the beach I suspect we will eat most meals at the cabin. We have to find the local bowls club and take the kids for roast dinner with the pensioners though, thats a mandatory adventure when on a coastal holiday. So, share with me, any tips for travelling with 3 little ones?

And yes it could very well be just like home but with a change of scenery but I cannot explain how much I NEED that change of scenery.



  1. Sounds just fabulous, Liza!! So envious. 2.5 hrs is nothing! We do that just going to Perth! That's 2 DVDs in the car and you might even be lucky to score yourself a nap from Missy Moo! Monkey Man might be like my little guy and not sleep at all ;-)

    You're an organiser, so you will find it easy once the day arrives, because you'll have it all planned before you even start packing the car. You, the kids and the hub will have a fabbo time. ENVY!

    1. Thanks Marnie, I'm a tad excited!! We told the kids about it today which wasn't the best idea as Monkey Man threw a monster (daylight savings adjusting, completely feral) tantrum because we weren't going on holidays today. Oops! Lets hope he's forgotten by tomorrow??


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