Monday, 23 April 2012

la la la la elmo's song

Along with Thomas, Buzz, Cars and babies, my toddlers are really into Elmo at the moment, I mean really into it. At the Easter Show a couple of weeks ago they both HAD to have a plush toy Elmo each, and have slept with it religiously since. Missy Moo speaks of 'melmo' constantly and this morning I discovered Sing Along With Elmo, a clever little thing that has Elmo sing your childs name. Big mistake! We have now been listening to Elmo sing my kids names over and over and OVER again for hours. With all this bloody rain we're stuck inside again so I can't really see an end in sight and I fear I may go insane. Can a small red puppet send you officially insane? In a desperate bid to change the channel, so to speak, I bought up YouTube and entered 'Elmo' into the search field. Lots of videos appeared, although this one would have to be my favourite:

There were a few appear that I would not show my kids! Have you done a youtube search recently?

Given we head off on our road trip this coming weekend (woohoo!) I thought I'd be a good mummy and buy some Elmo DVDs for the blessed and almighty in car DVD player. Oh how I love that thing. I figure we can also use them in our cabin given the weather forecast for our 6 days away is looking bleak. Rain, rain and more rain by the looks of it - if I'm not insane by the end of this week I'm positive I will be this time next week. Then I decided to be a tight arse and go to a video store instead. Tight arse or smart mumma? Whichever I am, I'm heading to Blockbuster. Can't remember the last time I went to one, in fact I'm pretty sure I've never been to the one near our place and will in fact have to become a member. Fingers crossed I don't have any bad video hire history and haven't been banned.

So do you have any movie, tv show, cartoon recommendations for a week away with 3 under 3 who will most likely be trapped in a small cabin? If you hear of a Sydney woman going crazy on the coast after a psychotic break, that will most likely be me. Don't worry though, I'll just get Elmo to sing my name and all will be well with the world.



  1. Max loves Elmo too, although I haven't seen that video before. So cute!

    Max also really loves Mr Maker at the moment, he asks for it all day long. Luckily there are heaps of Mr Maker episodes on youtube!

  2. Oh Monkey Man loves Mr Maker too! We have a couple recorded on IQ and I swear I can recite them word for word! Good thinking, we will def get use out of Mr Maker


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