Thursday, 26 April 2012

'I'm a baby'

I came inside after hanging out some washing this morning and found this, my almost 3 year old, 14kg+, tall for his age, son in the baby walker, backwards:

My first reaction was to laugh and of course I grabbed the camera and took a few pics. Don't judge me. Then I was worried. What if it collapsed underneath him? He could hurt himself, plus its on loan so if it breaks I have to replace it. One has to consider all the possibilities. I told him to hop out and he kept telling me 'I'm a baby' and refused to get out of the walker. He then got really upset when I lifted him out.... I'm talking a massive-throw-down-the-world-has-ended kinda tanty. It lasted for at least 5 minutes. God I am a mean mother.

Why do kids regress? You think you've cracked the sleeping thing and wham, its back to 5 wake ups a night. You think they're eating independently and next thing they're asking you to 'mummy, help' with their ice cream and jelly. You think they're starting to crack toilet training until you realise you've mopped the floor 5 times since 7am, and it's only 11am. You're sure they're old enough for textas and paints but have to wash it from their hair and ears every.single.time. You think crayons and play-dough are good for learning until you change a rainbow coloured poo and realise they ate more than you saw them eating.

Each time I've had another baby, my older child has regressed, sometimes in more ways than one. Occasionally its cute, but mostly it's just annoying. Remembering those times however I feel a little sad... I was so impatient with them wanting to be held all the time, to be picked up and carried when they could walk, when I usually had the new baby in my arms already, when they sat in the baby's chair when I needed it for the actual baby. It's terrible to admit but I was so impatient with them, and forgot they were only babies themselves. Monkey Man was 12mths and 2 weeks when Missy Moo arrived and Missy Moo turned 1 the day after Little Miss arrived. I should have been more patient than I was, more understanding of the fact they weren't ready to drop a day sleep, or give up their 'seats' etc. Looking back at these photos I feel very guilty that I wasn't more patient.

Monkey Man not giving his chair up at 13mths
Missy Moo not giving up her chair at 14mths
Monkey Man stuck in the bumbo at 16mths

Missy Moo asleep on the lounge at 13mths

Little Miss is desperate to get moving, she'll be 9 mths old next week and is not near crawling yet. Every child does things at their own speed and I know you shouldn't compare, but thats hard when by now, both my older kids were on the go. Missy Moo was standing and bum shuffling all over the place and Monkey Man was standing and cruising, and was very close to walking. In so many ways you want them to grow up already, to become independent. I remember wishing Missy Moo would crawl already, and she decided to skip it and move straight to walking. I am constantly wishing Little Miss would get the hang of crawling already but considering the destruction she's caused since being in the walker, well they say be careful what you wish for. She's my last baby so maybe I'll just enjoy being able to put her down in one spot and coming back to find her in the same spot albeit loudly! She'll hopefully be the one baby to not torture me with regression, fingers crossed.



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