Friday, 13 April 2012

what goes around, comes around

I'm a firm believer of what goes around, comes around... totally. I try to treat others how I want to be treated. I try to help people when I can. Karma is a funny thing and I often wonder when and how I will see it in action.

Yesterday I blogged about shopping and ahem, my addiction to it. Don't judge, you love it too. Today I had a few friends tell me they went shopping after reading my blog. I totally did my bit for the global financial crisis and should get some kind of thanks from the various retailers enjoying the hard earned dollars of my friends! Totally! In a way, I did. I placed an order with Charlie and Me at around 3ish yesterday, and come 6ish I got a newsletter offering free shipping. Now shipping is only $8 but thats so not the point. I missed the promotion by a few hours, talk about annoying. I decided no, stuff it... if you don't ask, you don't get right, so I sent a polite email with my order number and asked as a gesture of good will if they would refund my shipping fee, please. A few hours later I received a very polite reply explaining they would be happy to honour my request. How lovely is that? They could have stood firm but any good business knows that the customer is always right and as a result I will a. be a return customer of theirs (which I was already but sshhhh) and b. tell everyone I know to consider them when looking for kids clothes. Good karma!

A good friend who also has young kids and has been feeling the same as I have re being stuck in a rut, needing more out of life, etc etc has joined the blogger community. The lovely Mervet and her blog BITSA can be found here, it's worth a read. And apparantly I inspired her. How's that for karma? Yay me! What a compliment, I mean seriously. This little blog started as, and continues to be, me waffling about nothing but I will say that I feel alot more like me, clearer in the head and a bit more in the adult world when I blog so it is good for the soul. Some of the ladies that inspired me to start a blog are currently competing against each other in the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers competiton for the awesome prize of a Ford Territory and a trip to New York!! I mean, can you even imagine!?!?? Maybe one day, when I grow up I can be like them. Could karma be so kind, please? Oh and if you vote you can win $5k... um yes please!

I had lunch with Merv today and we chatted over a few bites of food in between rocking crying babies, feeding them and wrestling cutlery from them. How am I not a twig considering how little I actually get to eat?? Seriously? And my 2c worth: when your baby is newborn go and have as many meals in public as after a few months its no longer such an enjoyable relaxing process.... Anyway, when she mentioned how her baby hates the car I suggested she tried some In The Night Garden Music, loudly. Now I am by no means an expert but 3/3 of my babies have had screaming episodes in the car at one time or another, and Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and associates have saved my sanity every time. Those high pitched voices are no doubt sending subliminal messages to my children about how parents are devil spawn or something similar but who cares! If it stops the screaming, I'll listen to the muppets on speed all day long. If something worked for our kids I am the first to tell you about it. And guess what, it worked! Baby girl even had a sleep in the car, nawwwww. Yay for good parenting karma.

I went back to Target today (stop judging me) to get a few bits that I missed last night. I was in a hurry and when I got to the queue with my purchases there was about 40 people in front of me.. bugger! I stood for a minute and discussed with myself did I really need this stuff, should I put it back and walk out? Yes I need it, so off to layby I went to layby the stuff and come get it tomorrow. I waited behind one lady here for a short time and when I got to the counter I explained the front was manic so I'd layby and come collect it tomorrow. The girl was so lovely, she put my sale through there and then, saving me queueing or layby paperwork and a return trip! Love her!! And of course I will shop there again, solely because she was awesome.... nothing to do with the fact I have 3 kids and we're on one paycheck so there will be no designer labels here for a while yet,! Layby chick you saved my butt so thankyou. I'm sure good karma is coming your way my friend.

Do you believe in karma? Are you owed some good karma?



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