Friday, 27 April 2012

I'm too busy

Another TFF (toddler free friday) gone, another chance to get my hair done also gone. Bugger. I spent the day packing for our road trip which begins tomorrow. I've pretty much packed all day yet still feel unfinished, and I have lists coming out of my ears but anyway! I'm very excited about our trip, but in all seriousness, how much crap does a family of 5 need for a week away?? Apparantly alot.

We're staying in a self contained cabin so have to take food with us, and admittedly thats a large part of the stuff waiting to go in the car. The pile of stuff by the front door waiting to be packed into the car is growing every minute and I am seriously panicking that we won't have enough room. Buuut once I calm down I remind myself that if I've forgotten something but we're not going to a third world location so whatever I've forgotten, we can buy there.

Once I collected the kids from daycare this afternoon, and hurried everyone in for dinner, I realised just how tense and tired I feel. I so need a change of scenery and perhaps even an hour or two to unwind and a few drinks with my hubby once the kids go to bed. The kids have run around like lunatics since coming home which seems to be the norm after a day of 'school'. It's like a hysteria or something? Every Friday night without fail! I asked Monkey Man to calm down and sit quietly for 5 minutes and his response? 'I'm too busy' which pretty much says it all. Can't stop, too busy, can't eat, too busy, can't take my shoes off, too busy.... wish I could say 'I'm too busy' occasionally??
Anyhoo... we're off in the morning so wish us luck! I'll be back with photos and details of the trip.... pray for my sanity please


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