Monday, 9 April 2012

a day at the easter show

I woke up this morning and decided we should go to the Easter Show. I'd been saying we wouldn't go as its too expensive, too busy and too much for a baby and a couple of toddlers. We were going to go to the family show instead - free entry, much smaller scale and less crowds. But then I started seeing photos and hearing stories from friends about what fun they had and decided yes, we would go. We packed the bags, dressed everyone and bundled the kids into the car in the space of an hour. Pretty impressive even if I do say so myself, although it wasn't my personal best time.

We arrived and parked really easily, the kids were calm, happy and dare I say excited about rides and animals, all was going well. We walked around the corner and were faced with a queue at least a few hundred metres long. Crap! The control freak, organiser, planner etc in me starting having a meltdown... had this been a planned outing I would have bought tickets in advance and we'd be inside by now, not standing here in the sun watching others stroll on in. We joined the long line of people and almost instantly Monkey Man started complaining loudly that he wanted to go on rides, which of course were visible from where we stood. At 2.5 I suppose its too much to accept you have to wait, and a few minutes seems like a lifetime. Missy Moo started next so the snacks were cracked out and a few minutes silence followed. Monkey Man then wanted to go for a walk, on a ride, to see a bus, to see the signs, anything other than stand in this monster queue. Hubby took him off for a wander and I waited with the girls. It was a good half an hour wait to get in and by the time we did, the show was heaving. We headed straight for the animals where Missy Moo proceeded to freak out over the giant Sow and her (hundreds of) piglets. Monkey Man made a 16kg beeline for the pat-a-pig display so hubby went after him while I pushed the pram through the crowds and tried to calm Missy Moo down.

We saw goats, cows and lots of pigs oh my before we headed for the animal nursery. Once we were in a queue we realised we had to park the pram so Little Miss was strapped into the Ergo and Missy Moo jumped down to walk. I think the crowds overwhelmed her a little and it wasn't long before I was carrying her too. A sheep walked past us and she freaked, scrambling higher up til she was practically on my shoulder. Meanwhile hubby was trying to stop Monkey Man from climbing into animal enclosures or riding goats. At this point I decided I had to laugh or else I would cry.

We headed for some food, a re-charge and a rest for all was in need. After a gourmet feast of hot chips (and sauce of course!) was had by all we headed for showbags. Monkey Man was very clear in his demand request for a Thomas bag, Missy Moo wanted Elmo and both had their wishes granted.

 note he couldn't wait 2 minutes before he emptied the contents into the floor of the pram

Missy Moo had helped herself to my emergency dummy for Little Miss, plugged herself up and was cuddling Elmo off to sleep. It was time to head back towards the car and see if she'd have a sleep. Little Miss was asleep as the showbag pavillion was clearly too much for her.

Tantrums were brewing from both the toddlers by the time we got to sideshow alley so it was time to head home. Annoying because I had grand plans for family rides in the sunshine with happy smiley faces that I could take pictures of and they had to be abandoned. Missy Moo was asleep before we got out of the carpark, Monkey Man wasn't far behind her and both slept all the way home.

We had a pretty good day, it was hectic, the kids are exhausted, they have played with their showbags all afternoon and I have blisters the size of 50c coins on both my ankles. Monkey Man told me at bedtime tonight that he 'had a great day Mummy!' which totally outweighs any of the bad parts of the day. Overall a great impromptu outing for the circus that is my little family. Maybe I need to do more impromptu stuff rather than plan plan plan??



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