Wednesday, 4 April 2012

its been a loooong week

It's been a long week here with my monkeys. Far out is it really only Wednesday?? Monkey Man has been particularly challenging, crying everytime he's spoken to or looked at, tantrumming over nothing, and arguing with me every step of the way. It's a battle of wills I tell you as we're both quite stubborn. The cause? The end of daylight savings perhaps? Toddler PMS? A full moon? Who knows but whatever the reason, I'm so over it.
Needless to say, I was so excited when daycare rang this morning to say they have a couple of vacancies tomorrow and Monkey Man and Missy Moo can have them if I want. Do I ever!! I almost 'woohooo'd' down the phone to her but decided she would most likely report me to child services for bad parenting so I withheld. I jumped for joy (silently) and said yes, thankyou, they will be there tomorrow and started mentally planning my 'to-do' list in my head. I was then reminded it's easter hat parade day tomorrow - fark!! I have no hats! This means a trip to the shops, today, with 3 little monkeys in tow. We got through the day and set off to buy bananas, strawberries and hat stuff so I could sit up til all hours tonight, getting my glitter on.

Have you ever seen 3 under 3 in a trolley?

We got many stares, many people did a double take realising there was actually 3 kids in the trolley. Monkey Man was making his presence known by telling me loudly about everything he saw, telling me he wanted a 'chocolate bunny, a bread roll, pink milk and a ride in Thomas' over and over again, and in that particular order. Yes people were fascinated. The circus was clearly in town.

We made a hasty trip through Coles, grabbing the things we needed, handing the toddlers a pink milk each whilst other shoppers stared at me like I was stealing - I paid for them I promise! We then headed to Kmart and the local dollar shop and neither had any easter hat stuff left? What the?!?! I know Easter is this weekend but come on? No glitter hats? No rabbit ears? Nothing remotely easter hat in sight! Buggeration. I let the big kids loose on the Thomas ride as per Monkey Mans request while I gathered my thoughts.

clearly they were excited and pleased??

I remembered, thankfully I have a set of rabbit ears for each of them at home. Wish I remembered this before I took the circus to town but whatever. I was planning on them wearing the ears during a family easter egg hunt on Saturday, picturing cute photos of them with their cousins, capturing their delight over chocolate eggs etc but instead they will have to go to daycare now. BUGGER! I bet they don't make it home again.

I'm not complaining though, definitely not, as I'm ever so grateful to be handed a toddler free day. It means I can grab a few last minute things at the shops, vaccuum and mop the floors without mini footprints being left or helpers trying to push the mop or dyson, and various other stuff so yay yay YAY for daycare and their stupid hat parade. I will be a good Mum too and go to the hat parade to watch (with pride) Monkey Man run every which way but where he's supposed to go and Missy Moo stand her ground saying 'NO' with hands on hips or cling to me like a limpet while the others march in line with their glue-gun-well-prepared-creative-designer-made hats and curse the whole bloody thing to hell. And then I will rush about like a headless chook in an effort to get a million things done in about 6 hours whilst accommodating Little Miss and her routine. It's such a relaxing day, really it is. 

Fingers crossed Monkey Man is over his little strops by the weekend or else Daddy is gonna be solely in charge of him as I will end up throttling him, sending him to this room, telling him to grow up, or all of the above (yes I am well aware he's only 2. shutup!). I will most likely do all of this in front of a house full of people who will speed-dial DOCs on his behalf and then talk behind my back about how I have PND. Thats what family is for right? hahaha       



  1. This week has been awful for us too - I blame daylight savings!

    1. so not toddler PMS? ok, we'll blame daylight savings!!

  2. Ha!

    Your posts seriously make me laugh!

    You have the best sense of humour, I love it.

    We're also a household who is suffering at the hands of daylight savings!

    My condolences :)


    1. Awww thanks Cherie, I find I write as I talk/think so often wonder if it makes sense to others... bloody daylight savings! I'm finding its the routine driven kids effected most. Those that sleep when they sleep seem to be ok, but I will not give up my routine (aka 7pm bedtime) for anyone!! xx


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