Monday, 16 April 2012

nannas in lycra

As part of my whole get fit, lose flub campaign I decided to go to the pool tonight. I figured some exercise would help my mood as well as give me some energy and you know, help burn some fat, so off I went to an aqua aerobics class... yes I was the youngest person there, no I wasn't the biggest (woot!!) but I'm sure there was a call or two made to greenpeace.

I arrived and instantly felt out of place as I was alone and everyone else was paired up, ie they bought a friend. No worries, pfft to you biatches, I can do this alone. Everyone stripped down to swim gear and jeezus it was cold. Bad idea to do this in Autumn right? Oh well, I'm here now so lets do this. Our instructor arrived and she was at least 50. As were most of the other women in the class. Did I miss something? Is this the nanna session? Meh, I can hang with the oldies no worries. My fellow classmates looked something like this:

but they were nice enough, and they were giving it their best.  Ok, truth be told, the nannas kicked my ass! They knew the instructors name (Pat) and chatted like old friends. Clearly they go all the time. Clearly I need to go more often. Clearly I will be back, get better and kick their asses - it's a pride thing ok, I'm not a nanna... yet!!

The class was a decent workout and I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow. I was huffing and puffing with the nannas which undoubtably wasn't a pretty sight. Thankgawd they close the pool to the public in order for the classes to happen - for everyones sake! Don't call Greenpeace just yet... I'm getting slimmer, its just a slow process. I'm sure if I shave my legs I'll be at least a kg down. Don't you hate when you forget to shave your legs and realise when it's too late? If Greenpeace wasn't called then the cops probably were due to the bruises all over my legs. I promise there is no domestic violence here, unless you count my kids poking and prodding me, standing on me and climbing all over me. My monkeys seem to think I'm their climbing frame. Whats that all about??

Hubby is away interstate for work tomorrow, which will of course mean the kids are up super early. If you're looking for me I'll be suffering muscle pain while trying to sneak in a nanna nap or two amongst the toynamis my kids cause. Knock loudly as I have water in my ears and won't be able to hear you. Or I caught deafness from my nanna gym buds. Whatevs.



  1. LOL.... I read that twice just for the laugh!! You rock GF x

  2. haha happy to amuse you sweet xx


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