Monday, 2 April 2012

do your thang!!

Do you have a thing? A thing you do all the time and you know you do it, yet you keep doing it?

This weekend is Easter and I'm excited! I have bought way too much stuff, it's my thing. I've invited too many people over for lunch and I'm cooking complicated food cuz you know I have loads of time, it's my thing. I should just have a couple of people round for an easy, no preparation required, ten minute bbq jobby and relax. No, I like to stress myself out by overcommitting. Every.time. It's my thing. I somehow have to clean my house, prepare and bake food for 20 adults, get the normal domestics done including grocery shopping, and kid wrangle during the course of this week. And thanks to Good Friday, I don't have Toddler Free Friday this week arrrggghhhhh!!! I know what will happen; I will do all of the above on Friday, while hubby has to be on daddy duty and I will swear and curse that I'm not doing this again until the kids are older and able to be a bit more independent, I will swear at him for not reading my mind and cleaning the outdoor setting, or not doing it properly, or putting the wrong handtowel in the bathroom. It's my thing. every.time. (funnily enough my Mum does something similar?? don't tell anyone).

I enjoy hosting, don't get me wrong. I love having my family altogether even though my brother takes the piss out of me constantly. I love hosting and party planning, and spend ages trawling the interweb for pretty and clever things I can do. I love seeing the kids altogether and catching up with everyone. I even love having it at my house, we have space now whereas at our last house it just wasn't an option. I'm proud of my house and like filling it with my loved ones. I just wish I had more time to do things how I would like them, without 3 little monkeys under my feet or in my arms. I picture my easter soiree looking like this:

isn't it pretty?

when in reality it will most likely be more like this:

and my kitchen will resemble this no matter what the end result:

But everyone will be fed, merry and will have hopefully had a good time so what does it matter right? I will most likely hardly sit all day, between food prep and serving, getting drinks, doing an egg hunt with the kids and trying to take photos because no one else ever seems to, there rarely seems time to sit and enjoy. I'll be totally exhausted and saying to myself never again. It's my thing.

I guarantee I won't make it to the end of the weekend before I'm trawling the interweb for the next function which funnily enough is already booked in. A big 1,2,3 birthday bash for my monkeys in a rainbow theme that I cannot wait for, in 3 months time. I'm trying to think of a way to scratch together the cash for a photographer to capture the parts of the day I inevitably miss.

I'll be sure to fill you all in how it goes and share some pictures, if I actually get some.

oh and for those of you following me along, a couple of updates:
  • I didn't get the job I interviewed for last week as apparantly I'm over qualified. I am disappointed about the location and the part time aspect but not the actual job which tells me it wasn't for me.
  • Monkey Man is still sleeping successfully in his 'big boy bed' (sides off his cot) and Little Miss is sleeping through the night, both must be coming upto the 2 week mark - I think? But shhhh we don't speak of these things outloud in case of you know, jinxes and all. Missy Moo is starting to speak in sentences eg. daddy gone work which is just seriously cute!


  1. We are EXACTLY the same!

    To the very tee.

    I love hosting. Hate the stress of it. Argue with my husband in the leadup & on the day. But always admire the result :)

    Hosting an Easter shindig this week myself :)

    1. so nice to know I am not alone in 'my thing'!! I hope you all have a happy weekend too xx

  2. Me too - I didn't even realise until one time when I said to someone I was having a few people over for dinner, someone else laughed and said, yeah, a few or 40 like she always does. I love caring for people I think, so feeding and cooking for a crowd feels great, I come from a massive family so when we were young all big occasions had 40 of our closest family there. I also stress out and declare never again :). I am getting better at knowing my limits and will buy things or get people to bring something rather than doing everything myself... this Easter however there is nothing planned!!

    1. oh dear, we get more alike each day that passes. scary hey!


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