Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Walk like an egyptian

My 8.5 month old Little Miss is so very desperate to get moving. She watches Monkey Man and Missy Moo constantly, and I fear her head will spin off as she tries to follow them with her eyes. She hasn't mastered crawling yet, she's almost got the bum shuffle down pat but until she masters some moves then shes stationary. She gets down onto her tummy and kind of flaps about in the breeze, whinging non-stop the entire time. She doesn't get a huge amount of tummy time due to the toddler tornadoes in her path who trample without remorse. Poor Little Miss just wants to get going and be in the action.

I asked my cousin if I could borrow her walker again. Missy Moo had a similar issue this time last year, she was desperate to get going but could not master the crawl. She was standing all the time but not going anywhere and unless you stood holding her hand the entire time, she whinged. I was pregnant and had an active toddler to manage as well so something had to give. We borrowed this little beauty and within a few weeks she was standing on her own, and even taking her first steps. She was so happy to be up and in the action.

Missy Moo and Monkey Man, almost a year ago:

A year later, another baby who wants to get going and loves the walker too plus two happy toddlers!


I think she likes it?

She 'walked' like an egyptian she liked it so much:

Fingers crossed she will be happier now she can move about a bit, yay for the walker! Everything crossed her top teeth stop giving her grief and pop through already so our happy baby can return!



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