Monday, 23 April 2012

taking the circus to the dentist

We took the circus to the dentist today. Hubby hasn't been in a few years, the kids have never been and although I didn't need to go after going last month, I already had an appointment which I forgot to cancel so I went too. The kids were really excited about going to the dentist, why I don't know seeing as they didn't know what a dentist is or does until today. We'd been practicing opening up wide and saying ahhhh for the last few days, and they were bouncing off the walls with excitement this morning!

I had to wake the kids up from their lunchtime sleeps so we could head in. I was hoping to transfer them from their beds to the car and they'd get a bit more sleep on the way but no such luck. Missy Moo was buzzing and chatting to Little Miss in the backseat while Monkey Man caught a few more zzzz's. He eventually gave in to the noise and woke up fully, and quickly joined the noise party. We loaded the pram up, strapped Little Miss to me and toddled off in the rain to find the dental centre. Hubby met us outside which confused the kids greatly as he should be 'at work'. The receptionists were seriously lacking in personality despite many smiles and much chatter from the kids. The waiting room was full of people who all seemed very entertained by our tribe. Monkey Man and Missy Moo wanted out of the pram straight away. They also wanted food and to watch Peppa Pig. I had snacks and I have Peppa Pig (and others) on my phone. Yay, all demands were met quickly and quietly. Nothing to see here people. We had to fill in stupid forms asking medical history - really? For a 20mth old? I did the forms while bouncing restless Little Miss in the ergo and constantly resetting Peppa Pig on my phone as Missy Moo insists on touching the screen over and over again. After a wait that seemed longer than it was we were called in.

Monkey Man came with me, Missy Moo went with hubby and Little Miss was still strapped onto me. Little Miss wasn't seeing the dentist seeing she only has two teeth. Monkey Man showed no fear, as per usual, he climbed straight into the chair, sat back and opened his mouth up wide. They weren't even ready for him yet so it was pretty amusing. He sat there, with his sunglasses on, mouth open wide and let the dentist do what she needed to do - talk about proud! He was so good! He did spit rather vigorously, missing the bowl completely and send his cupful of water into my lap and then try to go and 'rescue' Missy Moo when he heard her make some noise from the room next door but otherwise he was pretty good. I then had a quick check up done, despite insisting I didn't need it, with both Monkey Man and Little Miss sitting on me. Would have made quite the picture I'm sure. I can't be the only Mum to ever have this happen?

Hubby's check up was going to take a while so I loaded the kids up and off we went in search of entertainment. It was raining so my first thought of a walk around the block was quickly forgotten and we headed for the closest shopping centre. I haven't been to this one for a while as it's the least pram friendly place ever. The lifts were packed and filled with people who seemingly didn't need them. The ramps were in odd places so you could only go up or down between two levels and then had to hunt for another ramp. The escalators are out of bounds with 40kg of toddler in the pram and another 10kg of baby strapped to me. I just don't trust I'd have the strength to hold it all should something slip. Travelators were down the other end of the centre which I swear is a 2km walk! Anyway, we improvised, using a lift in a department store and found a food court. I had planned to let them free in a play area but a. it was packed and b. if they ran on me I'd have to run with a baby strapped to me, leaving my pram and possibly a child somewhere. We sat in 'big' chairs and had milkshakes and a donut while we waited for Daddy....

and I witnessed my toddlers sharing donuts which was the cutest thing ever:

Little Miss watched on patiently waiting for her vegies

People were staring, looking... maybe they've never seen such a sight? Maybe there was judgement being sent my way for feeding my toddlers such rubbish? Maybe we're so ridiculously good looking they couldn't help but stare? Ha! yeah right! I think it was more the fact that the kids were so excited to be in 'big' chairs rather than high chairs and were intermittently screeching out, pointing out a 'man' or a 'red' shoes, or perhaps it was a sugar high? They had fun and didn't run off on me so I was grateful for that. Hubby met us and we loaded the pram back up and headed for the car. No one needed fillings, the kids teeth are all where they should be, woohoo and a sugar high was in full flow - a good afternoon out! All covered by our healthfund which we pay way too much money to every month, as it bloody should be!



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