Monday, 9 April 2012

a toddler as a prostitute? really?

It's late, I should be in bed. It's the end of a long weekend, hubby is back at work tomorrow which means no chance of a sleep in and I should be in bed. Instead I'm on facebook with the trash TV channel on in the background and I'm currently watching Toddlers & Tiaras. I never watch this show, I was watching something before this and this is just what came on next. Don't get me wrong, I love love LOVE me some trash TV but what I've just seen has disturbed me so much... I just can't get it out of my head.

I just witnessed a 3 yo dressed as Vivian, Julia Roberts' character in Pretty Woman. This is probably a few years old now, but like I said, I only just saw it. By writing about it I am no doubt giving the whole issue more publicity but I am seriously scarred for life! First she wore a toddler pageant version of the brown spotty dress and hat that Vivian wore, and she looked adorable. She had spray tan and fake eyelashes and WAY too much make-up on (words I will never use in association with my 3yo but whatevs), but cute all the same. Then she came out dressed in a version of the famous prostitute costume, complete with thigh high boots, cheap and nasty wig and tight tight dress. Wow! I am scarred for life. Surely this is too far? Surely this is wrong? No 3 year old is going to ask to dress like a whore. That is all the mothers doing! What is wrong with these people? What a memory to have of your precious sweet baby girl's childhood?

I worry every day about how I dress my Missy Moo (20mths), in fact sometimes I think so far into it that I am stressing myself unnecessarily?? I worry about:
  • too much leg being on display
  • too much shoulder being on display
  • straps being too thin
  • straps falling off her shoulder
  • chest being exposed when she bends forward
  • nappy on display
  • too much back on display
  • necklines being too low
  • white clothes being too see thru
and thats not even thinking about the practicalities of dressing an active toddler, ie no white leggings, always having leggings on when she's playing on grass due to sensitive skin, too much shoulder on display means sunburn when playing outside, dresses vs shorts - which is more appropriate for playtime, what shes doing that day, how easy I'll be able to get the associated stains out of her clothes etc etc etc? Hell, Missy Moo didn't wear black until she was about 18 months old, and even then it was patterned. See what I mean about thinking about it all too much? I'm sure I'm a nanna when it comes to dressing my daughter but you know what? If this is acceptable dressing for a 3yo then I am a happy nanna rather as there is no way in hell my kids would ever be dressed like this!

When I googled for a picture of this disgusting horrifying moment, I was pointed to many stories on the matter. Apparantly it caused alot of controversy when it happened and rightly bloody so. Wrong on so many levels. Just bloody wrong!

So Missy Moo and Little Miss, sorry you're stuck with your nanna-mum and her overthinking of your clothes but I hope it will teach you good values and keep your images out of google searches for trashy kids attire. How do you dress your little girls? Do you think this ensemble is fun or nasty?



  1. *shudder* that is just so wrong on so many levels.

    On dressing Miss M, I think about practicalities first - or since she is (still) crawling - *can this withstand the dirt? *does this protect her knees? *can she crawl easily in this? *warm/cool enough etc etc

    then I think about looks:
    *right fit for her? *covers everything that it needs to.

    I must admit, I'm not a big worrier over too much leg showing (OMG baby fat rolls nawwwwww) or nappy showing (but she wears cloth and there are some seriously cute nappies out there that deserve to be shown off!)

    But a pet peeve is straps falling off shoulders. If that happens I wait until she's bigger or it sits in the cupboard.


  2. It's just horrific isn't it. I can't even begin to imagine what these mothers must be thinking. How can they possibly justify it to themselves in anyway that makes it ok.


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