Saturday, 21 April 2012

the good old days

It's Saturday night, hubby and I are catching up on some TV like the old married couple we are these days. Whilst I was sat here I got a facebook notification that a friend tagged me in an old photo.... 9 years old to be exact. It was a photo of hubby and I back in our dating days, back in the good old days!

Looking at it I feel old, fat and I can't believe its been 9 years since we met. Where does the time go? How can it be 9 years already? 9 years together, 5 years of marriage and 3 kids.... time just goes so quickly. Saturday night 9 years ago we would have been on our way to being totally pissed by now, not sitting at home with 3 babies sleeping soundly upstairs. Had you asked us back then what our life would be like in the future I doubt we would have thought we'd have 3 kids under 3. When I think how much money we must have spent on alcohol, cabs, clubs, food on the way home, etc etc wow, we could have paid most of our mortgage off already! You don't think of that at the time of course, you're too busy having a good time. Man did we have a good time! The friends with us in these old photos are nearly all in similar situations now, all coupled up, nearly all with babies, toddlers or kids, and one with a brand spanking new baby. I reckon they're all sitting in on this saturday night too.... or is it just us saddos? Time just goes so fast, I mean are we ever able to keep up with it? Before I know it our kids will be finishing high school, learning to drive, arguing with us about where they can go, what time they have to be home, moving out, getting into relationships of their own and hubby and I will be older, greyer, (hopefully slimmer) and dealing with a whole different aspect of life with 3 kids/teenagers/adults. Bring it on I say, here's to another 9 years and many more.

So this is us, a snapshot of our dating days - note there is alcohol involved in most of the shots and my hair changes colour quite a few times. ahhhh those were the olden days of no kids, no mortgage and double income, sigh. Alot of these were taken on dodgy cameras with shocking flashes but yes I was/am that pale.


What do your early dating days look like? Do you have old photos of you and your partner? Do you remember the good old days and wonder where they went?? Tell me all about it, I'll look later after Grey's Anatomy finishes....



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