Sunday, 22 April 2012

high school reunion

I took my big monkeys to the shops this morning. We needed a couple of things, it was morning tea time and rather than sneak pop out quickly without them I decided to take them with me. In other words, they wouldn't get dressed so I bribed them with a trip to the shops and perhaps a donut if they were good. Judge me if you will. Both Monkey Man and Missy Moo got dressed quickly and off we went. I returned a pair of trousers to Pumpkin Patch, went through the fruit n veg market where the check out chicks clucked over my babies and then headed for Donut King. The kids were loaded up with a mini donut and a chocolate milkshake each and I sat and watched them eat. An old lady at the table next to us struck up conversation by telling me how cute Missy Moo is. She then asked me if they have ever had milkshakes before. I could hear the judgement in her voice but honestly, I didn't care. I answered honestly and said yes, they have them as a treat occasionally. She then told me 'well they're still cute' and turned her back on me. Ok then. Whatever that means.

As we sat there, I noticed a woman close by who looked at us, me, then quickly turned away as our eyes met. The speed at which she turned away was what caught my eye truth be told and a few seconds later, I realised I knew her. She was an old school friend I hadn't seen for years. Since we stopped being friends. We were once friends, and then I dated a guy after she did and almost married him so then we were no longer friends. The way she blanked me today, quickly pretending to be in a witty, entertaining conversation with her short, fat and old husband made me laugh, alot. Some things will never change. Maybe she thought I was gonna steal him too? Maybe she was intimidated to see me again? Whatever, really, whatever. I felt nothing to see her again. She has two kids and is married. Woop-dee-doo! All the shit that happened between us was 16 years ago for fcuks sake! Get over it. I spose it could have been worse, she could have done the fake, totally pretentious 'hi' thing where we say hi, you look well, how've you been, how's life etc and then rush off in different directions promising to catch up soon - without exchanging contact details. But to do the complete snob?? What a child! I would never be that immature. Besides, I look better than her anyway so ner-ner-ner-ner-ner!! Thankgawd I made an effort before I left the house this morning. She clearly lives around here so yay, we will get to relive that awkward moment again and again.   

The kidlets finished their snacks, we left a trail of icing and sprinkles and judgemental nannas in our wake and headed home. Monkey Man told me as I loaded the car to 'not leave him behind'?? Missy Moo demanded Wiggles the entire (5 min) drive home but was happy to (sugar)bounce along to loud music instead - they love it loud and watching them dance in their seats is the funniest thing ever. We then had the Wiggles on at home all afternoon and she mashed bananas to her hearts content. Monkey Man insisted he wanted to use the toilet many times over the course of the day so it appears he may be getting close to wanting to toilet train, yay! He didn't actually go once on the loo but the thought was there right? He is pretty good at peeing all over the bathroom floor though. Little Miss caused us some grief today as her teeth are bothering her, and you know how they love to share that joy around. She was up at noon today and still going strong at 6.30pm, which of course is way too long for a 8.5mth old to be awake. I expected her to crash tonight but nope, she's been awake a few times already so suspect a long night is ahead. Why do nights like this happen when there is something on the next day, like work? They know right? A few mum friends and I have a theory that its a conspiracy and all babies have a secret communication method... they 'talk' to each other and tell each other when to muck up and when to cause havoc. It's true!! Just ask your friends!



  1. Ugh, I'm so sick of society being so judgmental! As you know we've struggled with Carter and his food allergies so his diet is pretty plain at the moment, but I would love to sit down and have a milkshake with him. Ignore them Liza, you're doing a wonderful job! xx


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