Monday, 16 April 2012

Mothers Day mk III

This year will be my third Mothers Day, and it will be my husband's third chance to get it right. Don't get me wrong, his heart is in the right place and he means well but how he gets it so wrong is beyond me.

For my first Mothers Day I had high expectations. I was a first time mummy with a beautiful 10 month old baby boy. I was also 6 months pregnant with our second baby. I had so many pictures in my head of how lovely the day would be, how I would be spoiled and how I'd receive a heartfelt, well thought of gift. It didn't have to be expensive, in fact we have a rule that these types of gifts cannot be expensive seeing as we're on one salary... it should be something that means something to the recipient. Mothers Day fell on a week day which meant my hubby went to work, leaving me with a crawling and destructive baby that was into everything and not happy unless I was in his sight. As he walked out the door he handed me an express post bag which contained my gift. The gift itself was lovely, he'd had some photos of Monkey Man and I turned into a mousepad and key ring. I still use the keyring every day and love it.  The gift wasn't expensive but was well thought of and effort was required on his part. Tick, tick, and tick. It was the presentation that did my head in. I ummed and ahhed about whether to ask about his choice as I didn't want to come across as high maintenance. It finally got the better of me and I asked him where was the wrapping paper. His response? He told me that I bought all the wrapping paper in the house so he thought that wouldn't be appropriate to use. Ok then. So a post satchel is better? Maybe he'll do better next year. And I do love my keyring.

For my second Mothers Day I had lower expectations, I mean you've got to know what you're working with right? I thought it would be something with meaning and hopefully better wrapping given last years events. Life was busy with a highly active 22mth old toddling Monkey Man, 9.5mth old Missy Moo who was trying to stand constantly and teething at the same time plus our third baby due in 3 months. Oh and I was working full time and had just moved house. The pressure was on! Surely he would pull something good out this year. He got me a personalised card which was late arriving. I was not happy but accepted this wasn't his fault and sometimes post is late. The gift itself was thought about, sort of. He got a photo of our two kids put onto a t-shirt for me to wear at hospital. Tacky but cute. And size 500! It fell off my shoulders and was more like a moo moo (or however you spell it) than a t-shirt. I mean I am fat and I was pregnant but is there anything more insulting than getting your loved one an article of clothing thats miles too big. Ok so getting something miles too small would be just as bad, whatever. His justification was that he didn't know how big I would be by the end of the pregnancy. He then tried to say I could wear it as a nightie rather than a t-shirt. The depth of shit he was in just kept getting deeper. And yes, it was in a post bag and wait for it, it was over a week late. Seriously.

So my third Mothers Day is mere weeks away. I have 3 children under 3 and wonder why or how I ever thought life was busy before. The pressure is on dear husband (who I'm sure is reading this). My expectations are somewhat lower however, for self preservation more than anything as I just don't want the disappointment.

My hubby has pulled some amazing gifts out in his time. Our first Christmas together, a mere 4 mths after we started dating, he bought me a little stereo for my room in the flat I was sharing. I had whinged about missing music and he'd listened. It was nothing super expensive but meant alot to me. Flowers I received for birthdays and valentines day have been beautiful. Yes this was pre kids and when we were double salary people but still, thats not the point. When I turned 30 and was about to have Monkey Man he bought me the most beautiful Tiffany & Co charm bracelet. I then received a lovely charm to represent Monkey Man when he was born a couple of weeks later. And one a year later when I had Missy Moo. We will get a charm for Little Miss before she is one (and when we don't have a pay month with rates or car rego or electricity bills)... Sometimes they get it so right, others you get a post bag. Can he lift his game this year? 



  1. Bahahaha a post bag....

    My worst one was last year. Hub had to do a trip to Bunnings Mothers Day morning. He brought me back a pitchfork... WTF?

    He's not a great gift giver. In fact he's one of the worst gift givers ever! So now I tell him exactly what I want. He always makes a card on the computer using images of the kids though. That is what really melts my heart!

    Neil (your Neil not mine...) think about something that would make your wife's day... a bit of pampering and time out!!! Hehehehe. Good luck Liza - and Neil!

  2. Sounds a bit like my husband, very hit and miss when it comes to gifts. Although I am yet to receive anything from Tiffanys, so your husband is definitely winning in that regard :)

    I hope you get spoilt xx


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