Tuesday, 24 April 2012

There were 3 in the bed

Every night, once the kids are bathed and dressed in PJs they pile into our bed and I read stories until bedtime. No actually, once the kids are dressed I spend half an hour telling them to stop running, to stop jumping, to get out of the bathroom drawers, to share toys or books, to be quiet as Little Miss has gone to bed, to let me finish the page before trying to turn it, to put my shoes back in the wardrobe, to stop jumping off my bed, well you get the idea. It's not what you'd call the most relaxing half an hour of the day but I do enjoy it (mostly). On weekends and the odd night that hubby gets home for this joyous time, I get to step back a bit and watch it from the outside. Monkey Man and Missy Moo are so excited to see Daddy they practically tackle him when he walks up the stairs, Little Miss bounces into his arms - its beautiful.

A few weeks back I mentioned I bought my 3 matching Charlie Bear PJs and I've been waiting for a night cold enough to crack them out. Last night I got my wish, so here are my 3 cheeky monkeys in their cute as PJs *love*

In however many years they will no doubt hate me and be quite embarrassed for matching jammies but meh, I buy their clothes and I think they look adorable. I don't dress them in anything else thats matching as its not my thing, but seeing these PJs I just had to! Sorry kids!



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