Friday, 13 April 2012

My name is Eliza, and I AM an addict

My addictions are many and varied and ever changing, although chocolate frequently (and always will) appears on the list. However my addiction to buying kids clothes, specifically girls clothes and shoes is getting out of control. Yes dear husband, I admitted it although relish it because I WILL NEVER admit it to your face (pokes tongue out NOW). Today I bought a few things for the kids. I love me some internet shopping so when the kids had long day sleeps today as they bloody should after waking at 5am AGAIN, well out came the Visa and with a few clicks I had parcel mail coming my way - the BEST kind of post, ever! I did restrain myself at one stage when I wanted a dress from one site, and I was so proud of myself. Husband you'll be proud too. I only wanted the one dress so figured it was silly to order it and pay postage, so I'd look for other things on the same site and make postage worth it. The sensible thing to do right? As I browsed the site, I decided I was out of control and to stop. I mean does Missy Moo really need another dress?     
No, she doesn't so I'll be good annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'll go buy it in person tomorrow to save myself the postage! I mean of course she needs it, and then Little Miss can wear it too. Win win!

Tonight was late night shopping and its becoming a little habit of mine to pop to the shops for a couple of hours for some much needed me time, and a bit of retail therapy. It's one of the only times I can leave the house without a baby or toddler in tow, and not worry at all about sleep times, nappy changes, feeding times etc etc, so I enjoy it thoroughly.

I bought myself a couple of pairs of leggings as the only trousers I own that fit right now are jeans. The rest of my wardrobe is too big but I'm still trying to lose weight so I don't want to replace the whole wardrobe just yet, nor do I want to spend loads of dollars on transitional pieces. When your kids can pull your skirt or trousers down without having to undo the waist or try very hard, well its time for some new duds. And trust me, they think its hilarious to see 'mummy undies' in the middle of the day! I also bought a pair of shoes - yes I needed them, yes I will wear them ALL THE TIME and double yes they were on special.

Missy Moo scored new PJs, a tunic, two pairs of leggings, a dress, some tights, singlets and a pair of boots. Yes she needs all of it, yes thats on top of the things I bought online today and yes I am addicted. Little girls stuff is just so damn cute!! It's not my fault, seriously don't judge me. I can't be held responsible, I mean its a real condition and I am afflicted, I'm unwell. I can hear you judging me from here. Do they offer help programs somewhere, a form of rehab?? I need to sign myself up and quickly. On the flipside I paid $9 I think it was for the boots, on special in Myer. That in itself is a huge achievement, I mean really it would have been wrong NOT to buy them. And Little Miss can wear all of it in a years time. The pros of having two girls exactly one year apart - double value for money and working on that philosphy I actually paid $4.50 for her boots hahahaha.

So lets not even go there re the clothes I bought for Monkey Man. Of course I couldn't forget him as I'm all about equality. Yes his clothes are cute, well in a boy kinda way but more than anything they need to be practical - they need to be good quality, long lasting, darkish colours, have adjustable waists, be 'playable' and include Thomas, Cars or Buzz on at least a couple of pieces. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick annnd tick. We won't mention that I already bought him some stuff from the States and I may or may not have overestimated his size and, well its all too big. Hey, don't judge me! I've got his winter wardrobe for NEXT year sorted! Bet you wish you could say the same thing. Doncha!! And after today's click and pay extravaganza, plus the PJs I bought him tonight, I've now got his clothes for this winter sorted too. Thankfully as it's cold already.

I also may or may not have bought all 3 matching 'Little Charlie Bear' PJs - cuuuute or what!!! I'll get a pic to share. Oh and I totally forgot I won a $200 gift voucher the other day from one of my favourite online kids shops. I was the lucky 'weekly newsletter subscriber' and got a nice little voucher for my efforts! Yay for Baby's Got Style - check them out, very cute stuff! I might spend that tomorrow, you know spread out the parcel mail a little as otherwise the withdrawal symptoms might make me a little crazy and I'll be forced to shop some more??

Now where is my bloody postman??



  1. I love it! Our U.S. clothes fit really well sorry to hear Monkey Mans are too big. I am so lucky to have no access to real shops and now no credit card! I love parcels in the mail so much. I want to see a pic of the new boots too! Maybe I could employ you as my girls personal shopper???


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