Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter egg-sausted!!!!

We had my family over for lunch today, and had a truly wonderful day. I did my normal thing, I took on complicated menus rather than something simple, I had big arguments with hubby while preparing and setting up as he wasn't helping or looking after the kids as I would, I rushed around like a crazy person most of the last two days, plus today and then didn't get to actually talk to my family very much. The food was a great hit so the effort was worth it, my fish dish, barbequed lamb and chocolate marbled cheesecake were awesome (thankyou Coles) and yay for not stuffing anything up, although the lamb was a touch overdone. It was a busy day with people seemingly everywhere, the weather was absolutely perfect and my children ate and received way too much chocolate! I did however experience great delight in seeing my toddlers in their first ever egg hunt. The cleaning up could wait, coffee and tea serving could wait, I wanted to be there watching them, taking pics and seeing their reactions.

Missy Moo was very timid at first and it took her a little while to get the hang of it. Once she did though, she was off grabbing eggs and placing them gently in her little purple bag.

stopping occasionally to show me her finds

Monkey Man was not shy at all, in fact he followed me as I was scattering eggs and was collecting them behind me. He found 3 bags worth, not counting those he scoffed during the hunt. He was eating as he went to make room in the carry bag (note the chipmunk cheeks!)

Little Miss watched on from the sidelines, safely in Nanny's arms:

There was sharing (nawwww),

an attempt at a family photo, (blurry and only 1/3 kids looking at the camera),

WAY WAY WAAAAAY too much chocolate received by 3 under 3,

and the biggest bloody teddy bear you've ever seen, but thats another blog altogether

Hoppy Easter everyone!!!



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